Waterproofing Awareness Course

We are currently developing this Waterproofing Awareness Workshop.

Aim of this workshop

Deepen understanding of the structural waterproofing process so all team members can appreciate how their roles complement the waterproofing process to ensure project success

Projects involve many different specialists, all working together. Where structural waterproofing is involved in the works, a number of important factors need to be taken into account across the project team to ensure successful delivery.

A basic understanding of the principles of structural waterproofing will enable team members to consider how they need to work to fit in with the waterproofing team to help avoid technical mistakes, project delays etc

Who will benefit from attending?

This course provides training at a level for those who will benefit from a basic understanding of structural waterproofing, and for whom a technician level course would be too in depth.

  • Anyone who comes into contact with waterproofing systems during the course of their work on site e.g. groundworkers, architects and developers
  • Those with a general interest in waterproofing, office staff, those new to the industry or with little or no previous waterproofing experience

Benefits for employers:

  • Mitigate risk of gaps in knowledge of project team causing errors in practice
  • Projects more likely to be delivered on time, without costly errors
  • Company reputation enhanced and protected
  • Professional development of staff

Topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Introduction to the Structural Waterproofing Industry
  • Water in the ground
  • Waterproofing design
  • Building construction
  • Type A (Barrier) forms of waterproofing
  • Type B (Integral) forms of waterproofing
  • Type C (Drained Cavity) forms of waterproofing

Waterproofing Awareness Course Dates

Month Course Date
June 2017 Weds 21st (Pilot date)
Waterproofing Awareness Course Fees

Fees for PCA Members
Price on application

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each training course and places can only be reserved with full payment. Please check back here for additional dates as they are announced.

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