2019 a Challenging Year – Roll on 2020

Boy oh Boy’…what a year it has been! I think it is fair to say 2019 has been a challenging year for many of us. With political uncertainty, a slowing of the housing markets and nervousness from investors, most would agree that the year, commercially at least, has been one we are happy to have behind us.

Been working hard to support you in 2019

Your Association has worked very hard to try and ensure it delivers on the investment that you make every year when you pay your subs. To that end, the PCA has invested in people, projects, training & development and marketing to ensure that we continue to improve the visibility and profile of the people and companies that comprise the Association.

2019 = More Presentations, More CPDs & More Everything

PCA staff, supported by members, have delivered presentations and tutorials to more conferences, CPDs, events and seminars than ever before in its history. These include national events for major lenders and surveying houses, academic conferences and local CPD events.
On behalf of our members, the Property Care Association has been involved in the creation of new British Standards, Building Regulations, CIRIA standards, guidance notes and industry best practice through 2019. This is only possible because of the credibility delivered to us by YOU, the members.

2019 Conferences – Most Attended & Best Conference Yet!

Our Structural Waterproofing, Invasive Weed and Building Preservation conferences were enjoyed by more delegates in 2019 than ever before and with the high profile promotion of these events, they acted to further reinforce the position of PCA members as the real authority operating at the cutting edge of these important specialist disciplines.

The 2019 Projects: Countrywide, RICS, Historic England & many more…

We have seen a number of collaborative projects this year. A project with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), lenders and academics followed our evidence session at the Government’s Science and Technology Committee Enquiry. Joint projects with RICS and Historic England have lead to a methodology for the investigation of damp traditional buildings and a joint project with Countrywide Surveyors has seen a direct link between Countrywide’s new style condition reports and the search facility on the PCA website.

Marketing now taking off!

The marketing function of the PCA has been strengthened with the appointment of our new Head of Communications. Consequently, this has seen a massive increase in our social media presence, a gradual re-styling of the website and very significant gains in our profile, record breaking website traffic levels, increases in member searches and ability to influence your potential clients. All of this work is aimed at driving profitable enquiries to members.

Seeds of growth planted for 2020

Though the projects listed above are just some of the examples of what we have delivered in 2019, most have yet to create their full commercial impact for members. With a list of new and ongoing initiatives for 2020 that is even longer and broader; we are confident that the value derived from your continuous support and membership will continue to develop.

Similar to many of you, we have felt the challenges of trading in a rapidly changing, highly competitive and sometimes very challenging market. However, we remain focused on working with and for members, and attempt every day to make life a little easier and perhaps a little more profitable.

I look forward to seeing you in hopefully a very prosperous 2020!

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