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PCA Weekly News - 4th February 2023

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Hodgson View: The ramifications surrounding damp & mould is set to continue
  • TA6 Form: Are you ticking the right box?
  • LABC's New Technical Manual (Version 11) released
  • February webinar - Japanese knotweed: Back to basics
  • 2023 training dates released
  • National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Hodgson View: The ramifications surrounding damp & mould is set to continue

Whilst we predicted the winter of 2022/23 would be a season where mould and condenstion would be prolific, no one could have foreseen the media frenzy which has ensued following the coroner's damning report into the tragic death of Awaab Ishak. Pressure from government has been ramped up and the Housing Ombudsman condemned the attitude and culture of some housing providers yesterday too.

The PCA will continue to comment and contribute to this ongoing debate, which you can read in the latest 'Hodgson View'...


TA6 Form: Are you ticking the right box?

Japanese knotweed has made headline news over the past week, following a recent court case and the failure to declare the presence of Japanese knotweed. Have the perils of the legal-binding TA6 form highlighted confusion and over confidence when it comes to the presence of Japanese knotweed? Are we making it difficult for homeowners to ensure they are ticking the right box?

PCA's Technical Manager Daniel discusses this issue and the complexities of this form in his latest blog, which you can read by clicking on the button below.


LABC's New Technical Manual (Version 11) released

Some of you may be aware that LABC Warranty have released Version 11 of their Technical Manual. Whilst some of the changes are reflected following the update to BS8102, there are also further significant changes to the basements section some of which are detailed below:

  • Functional requirements have substantially been revised: Developers are now required to provide LABC Warranty with a waterproofing design and specification (including a site investigation report), 8 weeks before the commencement of the basement.
  • New requirement where a Grade 3 environment is required: Combined protection must be provided, consisting of 2 systems recognised by BS8102. An accessibility and reparability option is essential and should form part of any structural waterproofing design.
  • When does the new guidance in Version 11 apply? The new guidance will apply to any warranty quotes accepted on/after February 1st 2023. If you accepted a quote from LABC Warranty prior to this date, your site is likely to be adhering to one of the previous versions of the Technical Manual – the quote that you accepted from LABC Warranty will reflect this.

To view the Technical Manual's full 'Change Log', you can click on the button below.

View the 'Change Log' >>

February Webinar - Back to basics

When coming across Japanese knotweed, what is it you really need to know? If you aren't a specialist and you have no training, how do you identify the variants of knotweed and what are the implications of it spreading?

This is an ideal webinar for junior members of your team and for you to share with your clients, customers and anyone else who you feel would benefit from a greater understanding of Japanese knotweed.

Join us and PCA's Technical Manager Daniel Docking for our next live broadcast on Thursday 23rd February (9-10am).

Find out more >>

Remaining 2023 training dates released

We are pleased to share that all remaining dates for 2023 training and examinations have been released and are now available to view on our website! Dates for apprenticeships later in the year will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

You can book direct from the website or contact the Training Team for further information, help and advice on 01480 400000.

Get in touch >>

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

Next week, the Association will be helping to support 'National Apprenticeship Week 2023' (#NAW2023). As many of our PCA members will know, the PCA is a big supporter of apprenticeships. In fact, we currently have and have had several apprentices ourselves.

Look out across our social media channels as we share a whole host of apprenticeship content from videos, to blogs and picture galleries. We belive apprenticeships are critical to help fill the skills gap for the future and across #NAW2023, you might take the opportunity to look at and consider the benefits of apprenticeships for you!

Find out more >>



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