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Changes to the audit process in 2023

Like everyone else the global pandemic meant many of us had to adapt to a different way of working. For your Association, one of the areas that saw immediate change was the audit process and the adoption of a remote, online format. This was never a long-term solution as we were not able to undertake all of the checks that would normally take place, such as storage facilities, work vehicles and a working site. However to some degree it did allow us to ensure standards were upheld and consumers protected.

Towards the end of last year the tide very much turned back to face-to-face audits, and as we start the new year, the intention is very much for all contractor audits to remain in this format.

But what can members expect in 2023? What has changed following feedback from PCA members? Head of Technical James Berry outlines the changes to the audit process for the year ahead...

Changes for 2023

Whilst audits will continue to evolve to ensure they reflect current legislation and best practice, this year will see two significant areas of change for audits.

The first centres around the report content and a new, more detailed scoring matrix has been introduced to promote better synergy with the Joint position statement: 'Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings – Principles and competencies'. This document was launched last year at the property care conference.

The second big change is using the same scoring matrix described above we will now be auditing those in the independent and freelance surveyor category. The hope is that we can continue to maintain the highest standards across all areas of membership and once again reward and celebrate those that achieve the highest standards in an area that has previously had this level of recognition.

Audits – Why do we do them?

Audits are an essential element of membership and as you will be aware, all contractor companies applying for membership of the Association are subject to this stringent ‘vetting’ process. This audit process is repeated every two years to ensure that standards continue to be maintained and will include a visit from one of our Technical team or Regional Support Officers.

What do we check during an audit?

For contractor audits the scoring system broadly looks at:

  • Office Administration
  • Personnel & Training and Surveyor Qualification
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Communication client/operator
  • Insurance
  • Guarantees
  • Complaints handling
  • Site
  • Van/store
  • Reports & submissions

They are also a chance to shine! 

The audit process also allows us to reward those members that excel. Those member companies achieving the highest score at Audit, will be awarded the prestigious 'Contractor of the Year' award for their relevant sector.

Audits are your chance to engage with us

We hope that members see the audits as a ‘benefit’ too, a chance for one-to-one time with a representative of the Association and an opportunity to tap into the knowledge of our Technical team; to learn about Best Practices, new legislation, available technical documents, training opportunities and any other current and relevant issues within the industry.

This chance to engage really should be embraced and keeping the lines of communication open between members and the Association is important and really mustn't be underestimated.



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