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Check your home for structural issues this winter

Maintenance Week is a timely reminder for householders to protect their homes and ensure that minor repairs are completed before winter sets in. In this blog, we outline common issues, techniques, and structural repair tips to help you maintain your home this winter. Read our tips below!

Cavity wall tie replacement

Corrosion can be an issue but can be fixed with well-established remediation strategies, such as installing new stainless-steel ties which can be fixed into walls mechanically or using resins.


In cases of subsidence, there can be several causes and therefore, several solutions. Traditionally dealt with by underpinning, involving major excavations and large volumes of concrete below the existing foundations, new, less intrusive techniques include 'injecting' materials into the ground as well as installing remedial ground 'piles' - both being lower-impact alternatives.


There are multiple causes for cracks, from impact damage and subsidence to water ingress and poor building practice. Repairs can include pinning, strapping, piling, lateral restraint systems and steel-reinforced cementitious anchors as well as crack-stitching using profiled stainless-steel bars.


Lintel replacement and panel strengthening can minimise disturbance in some circumstances, while structural timbers can also be retained in-situ through resin repair and reinforcement techniques that have been developed and mastered by PCA members.

The experts...

The cause of any problem and its solution should be identified by a specialist surveyor. Many repairs can now be done with less disruption than in the past. If you have any structural issues with your home, please read our structural repair and maintenance guide.

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