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PCA Weekly News - 10th September 2022

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Could 'Heat Treatments' be the next big Innovative Solutions for Wood Boring Beetles?
  • Less than 2 weeks to go to the conference!
  • Are we facing the worst winter ever?
  • Online training - Testimonial video
  • Next LIVE Webinar
  • 2022 Invasive Weed Conference
  • HSE's Working at Height guide

Could 'Heat Treatments' be the next big Innovative Solutions for Wood Boring Beetles?

We are not blinkered to the fact the world changes, either through new and innovative technology or changes in regulations. However, off the back of a chance encounter at the 'British Pest Control Association' Pestex Expo, the PCA technical team have been experimenting with the use of 'heat treatments' as a potential use to treating Wood Boring insects in the built environment.

Hear what PCA's James Berry has to say and what he thinks of the potential treatment solution within his latest blog, which you can access via the button below.


Less than 2 weeks to go to the conference!

With only 12 days to go; a comprehensive speaker programme; an opportunity to learn from and engage with the best in the industry, AND, the launch of the Joint Position Statement for investigating moisture in traditional buildings; the question is....have you booked your place?

There's still a few spaces left, so grab the chance whilst you can. To find out more about who is on the speaker programme and what you might miss out on, simply click on the button below.

Find out more >>

Are we facing the worst winter ever?

We've written on the energy crisis before and how we feel it may impact on our homes and buildings, but how will the new Prime Minister tackle the energy crisis? Will she deliver on her promise to freeze the UK's energy bills? Will this help everyone and minimise the long-term damage to our homes and buildings.

The next few days will be telling but for now, we re-visit the issue and can't help but wonder if we're facing the worst winter ever...? To read more, click on the button below.


Online training - Testimonial video

At our recent '2022 International Structural Waterproofing Conference', we took the opportunity to ask a few of the attendees what they thought of the PCA's online training offering, from structural waterproofing to our damp and timber courses.

Our thanks to all who kindly gave a testimonial. We will be releasing all of these videos in the weeks/months to come. As a first video however, why not check out what Andy Flood of Vector Leak Consultants had to say about the Online Structural Waterproofing Course? Simply click on the button below to watch the short video.

For more information on our training courses, click on the button below or contact the Training Team on 01480 400000.

View the video >>

More about training & qualifications >>

Next LIVE Webinar

With just 3 weeks to go until our next LIVE webinar, join us as we discuss the joint statement 'Investigation of moisture and its effects on traditional buildings’ with Historic England and RICS. How big of a shift in standards is it? How does this jointly agreed document affect and shape what surveyors, property professionals and PCA members do when investigating dampness in traditional buildings?

To find out the answers and to learn much more, join us on Thursday 29th September 2022 from 9-10am as we go into detail regarding the new publication and the key points to takeaway. To register, simply click on the button below...

Find out more >>

2022 Invasive Weed Conference

For our invasive seed sector members that may not have seen it yet, we have a very exciting programme coming up at the '2022 International Invasive Weed Conference'. Some key topics include:

  • The future use of Glyphosate and what are the tried & tested options without it?
  • On-site risk assessment and what's happened since the Select Committee Inquiry
  • Integrated weed management, avoiding the pitfalls, strategies and legislation
  • and much more...

To find out more about the programme and to book your place, simply click on the button below.

Find out more >>

HSE's Working at Height guide

We remind both our PCA Members and all other property/construction professionals of the dangers of working at a height following a company who was recently fined after an employee fractured two vertebrae when he fell through a stairwell while working on a barn conversion.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) has a useful guide for members, which describes what you can do to protect you and your employees from falls from height. To access the guide, click on the button below....


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