Addressing Ventilation & Dampness in All Its Forms

The expectation of a specialist damp and timber surveyor is changing. Modern lifestyle, a typically less ‘hands on’ generation of millennials and the demands we expect of our existing housing stock are just a few of the drivers behind this evolution. This is a change that the PCA is very much embracing and adopting.

The introduction of the CSTDB qualification, in part, was implemented to place greater emphasis on the diagnosis and dampness in all its forms and includes the assessment of atmospheric condition, the understanding of ventilation systems and how they work.

Proud of our comprehensive range of damp courses

It is our proud belief that we have the most comprehensive range of dampness related training courses in the built environment, in the UK and our door is very much open for all to attend. The traditional surveyor in dampness and timber course has been the foundation of PCA’s training for some time, but this should only be considered as the beginning of the journey and what’s more, this course is supported by a number of one-day courses to help develop understanding of dampness.

As damp issues grow – so does our specialist training

Condensation and other issues associated with high humidity such as mould growth are the most common form of dampness in the UK. To reflect this the PCA has grown a range of training courses looking at ventilation and atmospheric moisture, eg, our specialist Residential Ventilation Masterclass. This unique course, developed by the Association, looks in detail at retrofit ventilation systems, the associated industry regulations, and is suitable for anyone involved in the design and installation of retrofitting fans and mechanical ventilation solutions in existing buildings.

So…what is the point?

Well…my whole point about looking at the course above is that we are proud to be continuing to shape and improve the industry with delegates leaving with a better and more knowledgable understanding of how to design/specify ventilation systems that meet the requirements of building regulations. We work hard to help our delegates take the guesswork out of specifying remedial treatments such as fans and ventilation units and it’s not just aimed at new surveyors. Our courses are also open to many trades and other organisations, such as those that work for housing associations and local authorities, etc.

Sales pitch over…what I REALLY am trying to say is that addressing ventilation & dampness in all its forms is what we specialise in! We are here with support and guidance when you need it, the specialist training courses you need too and as we start to come back into condensation, season there’s never been a better time to think about it!

However, for those that what to get a ‘bucket load‘ of extra knowledge and insights now…then you don’t want to miss our 2019 Building Preservation Conference coming your way VERY SOON!

Hope to see you there!


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