PCA Supports New Amenity Standard

The Property Care Association is playing a key role in a new initiative from the Amenity Forum, which has been developed to create assured standards in amenity management and will be launched on 4th February at an event in Scotland.

PCA is a Foundation Partner of the Standard

For those unsure what the new Amenity Standard is, it is a bespoke quality management standard which highlights the importance of amenity management and the need to use professionally approved operators in public spaces. The scheme has been introduced by the Amenity Forum and is a voluntary initiative backed by the Government to promote best practice in areas including invasive weed control. Recognised for ‘Invasive Weed Management’, our Invasive Weed Control Group is a foundation partner of the Amenity Standard.

The Amenity Standard – akin to Red Tractor

This Standard is akin to the Red Tractor in food and agriculture, tackling the high levels of anxiety and concern about the use of herbicides in public spaces with the aim of promoting ‘assured’ weed management practices. This new Standard offers a clear assurance that all those involved in creating and maintaining safe, healthy sports grounds and other amenity spaces are operating at the highest professional standards and, whether using chemical or non-chemical methods, such operations are undertaken by competent, trained personnel following well designed and managed plans. Those operating to the Standard and displaying the Amenity Standard logo will demonstrate their adherence to recognised assured standards in all tasks undertaken – and the good news is that all PCA Invasive Weed Control Group members already comply!

PCA members are the experts

PCA’s Technical Manager Dr Fitzsimons commented: “The implementation and monitoring of the standards already provides assurance that PCA members listed as experts in the control and management of invasive species are capable of offering the highest levels of technical knowledge and practical skill. Now, being a founding partner of the Amenity Standard offers further assurance of their professionalism and the high standards they work to.”

Launch of the Amenity Standard

At the launch, our scheme for Invasive Weed Management will be one of three Assurance Schemes recognised by the Standard, alongside Lawn Assured and Amenity Assured, which are both offered by BASIS Registration.

For our invasive weed members, this initiative really is another ‘feather in your cap’ and we would encourage all our members to go to the website (https://theamenitystandard.co.uk) and familiarise yourself with these messages of assurance. They will aid you when displaying, presenting and discussing the new Amenity Standard logo within your own marketing literature/plans.

As for the future of the Standard, the aim is for more schemes to be added so that all aspects of amenity are covered. However, as with a lot of new initiatives, it really will be a case of ‘watch this space‘ for updates.

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