Our BMI Technology has been updated!

It has been a year since we launched our Building Moisture Index (BMI) technology and following many sets of our BMI Diagnostic Packages with monitoring kits being sent out to some Housing Associations, we can share with both PCA members and the wider public that we have recently updated the analytical reporting software too to make it easier to use and more informative than ever!

What is new with the BMI technology?

The computer program that assists with the automatic generation of reports has been upgraded to improve the accuracy of data processing and the interpretation of results. This has meant more supportive information and the enhancement of the quality of the technical diagnostic reports that help rectify moisture imbalances within homes and buildings.

For those looking to see what exactly is produced or to understand ‘what exactly has changed’ within the reports, why not take a look at the following diagnostic reports examples that show the results from a monitored social housing property. The results show the improvement in the atmospheric and surface moisture levels following rectifications measures which included upgrading the ventilation system and applying internal wall insulation. To view an example report, click on the buttons below:

Before rectification measures After rectification measures


New user manual and online training created

Over the summer months, we have also been working on updating the guidance for installing the data loggers within a property. We have created a new user manual that will support building professionals to perform environmental monitoring.

Additionally, a new online short training course has been launched! BMI users will receive additional information on the moisture diagnostic system, how to monitor a property, how to use data loggers and interpret the results from the diagnostic reports.

Remembering how the BMI technology works?

The BMI technology is part of a processing and reporting service that Maple R&D Ltd, part of PCA, offers to building professionals. The monitoring equipment and a user manual are provided to help set up and install the data loggers within a property. We then process this raw data collected by the sensors through the BMI computer program, which assesses computed parameters that relate to the risk of condensation and mould growth.

The end result is a highly technical moisture evaluation report assessment that complements building surveys where the condition of the property has also been inspected.

How can you access this system & what are the benefits?

We are currently preparing monitoring kits that will enable both PCA members and building professionals to hire the equipment with additional options for those that do not have their own data loggers.  This is NEW & IMPROVED technology that will allow building professionals to 

  • Offer analysis & diagnosis of condensation and mould issues
  • Identify factors causing moisture imbalance to risk of surface condensation and mould growth
  • Find remedial solutions
  • Provide a report with causes and remedies identified, with direction for next steps
  • Use data collected and recommendations given for disputes / evidential purposes within a court of law
  • Save time while maximising profit margins
  • all delivered at very little cost!

To support all users, a short online training course is available to further understand the BMI system. This includes a short test and certificate of competence that might be useful if you wish to use a diagnostic report to support an investigation.

Find out more. Get in touch!

For those that would like to know more about the possibility of using the ‘Building Moisture Index Technology’, feel free to get in touch with Head of Research, Dr Paula Lopez-Arce on 01480 400000 or via her email at paula@property-care.org. Alternatively, complete the form below and one of the PCA team will be in touch.

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