Adapting how we communicate throughout COVID-19

It almost feels a distant memory when we made the difficult decision to cancel the remaining Regional Meetings. At this point things were looking very bleak. We are of course by no means now in the clear, but if The Association was to continue to have a presence we had to embrace technology.

Whilst we had already run a very successful webinar on Podium Deck Waterproofing, we had literally only just dipped our toe in to the water with regards to hosting a webinar. However this was the springboard we needed and we were able to deliver the remaining regional meetings via our webinar platform.

Embracing the webinar platform

The success of the regional meetings via webinar then led to the launch of our ‘Tune in Tuesday’ events. Held every Tuesday, we provided weekly updates on the pandemic together with schemes and initiatives to help and support our members through these uncertain times. We invited ‘guest speakers’ onto these webinars, to further assist our members with specific issues from tax benefits, to respiratory health and PPE, marketing tips and how to prepare for the ‘new normal’.

We also ramped up the volume of webinars and within a few weeks, we had delivered the number of webinars we had originally intended to put on for the whole year. If there was any doubt that this was overkill and diluting what we were doing, audiences grew week on week reaching over 400 attendees for some of the larger events.

Reaching PCA members and non-members too

The success of the webinar was massively encouraging and the audience was not confined to just PCA members. In fact the majority were non-members. This included surveyors, housing associations and warranty providers, and as far afield as Australia too. These webinars certainly provided an excellent platform to illustrate the depth of knowledge within the Association and its members.

Delivered the first ever online training course!

The quality of the output has not gone unnoticed either and a number of councils and housing associations have requested further training. Off the back of this, I delivered our first ever online “Understanding Dampness and Condensation” training course last week. This online workshop is aimed at housing officers looking to gain further understanding of moisture related defects within buildings, and topics include;

  • Symptoms of high relative humidity including condensation and mould
  • Understanding relative humidity, vapour pressure and environmental moisture
  • Methods of measurement, moisture meters, calcium carbide and gravimetric methods
  • Diagnosing and distinguishing between the different sources

We now have two further courses booked in over the coming weeks and enquiries for more coming in too, which is really encouraging. Contact Amber or Jade in the training team today on 01480 400000 for further information, or via the button below:

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These have been difficult and uncertain times and we must all adapt and change to get through them. Technology has undoubtedly helped many of our members through, both socially and commercially, and we must continue to adopt it and embrace the opportunity that it brings.

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