Course Review - Defects in Cavity Construction

Our very own Technical Manager James Berry attended our ‘first ever’ Defects in Cavity Construction training course last week. So what did he think? Well, here he shares his review of the course….

Strange times but great to be back in the classroom

Whilst the circumstances around this first course were a little strange due to social distancing and all the relevant precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, it was great nonetheless to be in a classroom full of like-minded property professionals, eager to learn. The trainer, John Dee, brings a wealth of industry experience and made the topic very enjoyable and easy to understand.

Why a Cavity Wall construction course?

Why have the PCA developed a course to look solely at cavity wall construction? Cavity walls have been the preferred method of construction for approximately the last 100 years, and it is estimated that there are over 27 million homes in the UK of which nearly 20 million are of cavity wall construction. As an industry of property professionals we will undoubtedly be looking at properties with cavity wall construction on a daily basis.

Cavity walls work on the simple premise that the void separating the leaves of brickwork prevents the passage of water, reducing the possibility of the inner leaf getting wet and spoiling the internal wall finishes. They have proven to be extremely robust and efficient at ensuring that rainwater does not manifest itself on the inner decorative surface of a wall.

So why should you be concerned about inspecting cavity walls? Well simply put, most have been altered since they were originally built and the effects of a British environment may impact some of the key components of the wall. The end result if not addressed, can be dampness or structural failure.

The timing of our Cavity course has been spot on!

They say timing is everything. Who knew that when we launched this course before lockdown that there would be a Government announcement where they would be looking to spend £2billion on retrofit measures, which will undoubtedly include a huge volume of alteration to cavity wall properties. There can be little doubt that the development of this course has been extremely timely.

But what can go wrong? Wall ties, cavity trays, insulation, condensation and cold bridging to name a few are all covered within the one-day course.

Who should attend the course? Essentially anyone that inspects or assesses cavity walls. Attendees on this course ranged from Chartered RICS surveyors to building contractors and specialist defect surveyors. In my opinion the course would also be extremely beneficial to Housing Associations too.

Casting a spotlight on cavity construction with our training

In a world where we are seeing growing concern around defects in cavity walls, and a rise in companies looking to exploit these growing concerns, it is essential that all property professionals who inspect buildings understand these defects. That is why the PCA has developed a one-day training course that casts a spotlight on understanding cavity construction.

Contact our training team today via the button below for more information and availability on future course dates. This is a course ideal for anyone already involved, or who wish to become involved in the surveying of buildings.

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