Covid19 - Update Your CEO

The Property Care Association is now in a position to start informing members of the actions that we are taking in the face of the unfolding situation.

NEW Weekly PCA Briefing to help you

The PCA is currently working to facilitate a “live” on-line weekly members briefing. The first of these will be worked around the recently created “virtual regional meeting” next Wednesday (1st April). These will then find a regular slot on Tuesdays until further notice.

These informal webinars will give PCA members a chance to hear from the Association, receive briefings and ask questions. We are also looking at the possibility of delivering workshops and tutorials as part of these events. These will in effect be closed webinars that are only open to members of the Property Care Association and their employees.

Personal Development Webinars every Thursday

A second online webinar styled event will take place each Thursday. This will be directed towards high-quality technical briefings aimed at a wide professional audience. A timetable of events will follow soon.

We have also decided to publish two weekly emails that will go to all Association members. The new mid-week message will be focused on providing information, support and updates. The second will be sent on Fridays and will retain the same sort of technical and news content as we are used to seeing.

Update on the PCA conferences

Unfortunately, a decision has been made to cancel this year’s conferences and concentrate on making these events something to look forward to in 2021.

Fully operational but having to make difficult choices

The Property Care Association is still fully operational, but like all of you, we are having to make difficult choices that affect every member of your PCA team.

We are here to help so if it is a question or a problem that you think we can assist with or you just want a friendly and understanding shoulder, please pick up the phone…we are here with and for you.

Yours sincerely,

Steve Hodgson