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Understanding & surveying dampness in below ground structures

Understanding & surveying dampness in below ground structures

Whether it’s a typical property survey or it is the case of an inspection for remedial repairs, when inspecting basements or below ground structures, what are the key considerations? What are the limitations and implications for those who inspect below ground structures? AND…whether it be preparing survey reports to communicate findings to clients or what to look out for if considering a conversions of a below ground space…what should you be evaluating and how do you find specialist help? 

To find out the answers and more, join us and PCA's James Berry for this upcoming webinar on Thursday 29th June from 9-10am, as we provide some key evaluation techniques and share insights & knowledge 

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What you will learn from the webinar?

  • Learn valuable evaluation techniques when inspecting basements/underground structures whether for valuation or remedial inspections
  • Understand the difficulties and limitations when surveying basements
  • Develop knowledge on the implications of a failing basement
  • Understanding where you can find information and recognise the specialists you need to talk too.

Benefits - Why you should watch the webinar

  • How best to apply these techniques when inspecting basements
  • Understand the impact a failing basement has on warranties
  • The difficulties of surveying and how to report more effectively
  • Gain a greater awareness on all elements involved in the inspection – walls, floors, pumps etc
  • Straightforward online learning while sitting at your desk
  • Benefit from gaining 2 CPD points

About the presenter – James Berry

James Berry joined the Property Care Association (PCA) team as Technical Manager in 2016 having previously worked as a surveyor for a national preservation company. He holds a degree in Applied Geology and both the CSRT and CSSW accreditations. He is passionate about the need for adopting a holistic approach to tackling moisture in the built environment and is the lead on the new Residential Ventilation Group sector of the PCA. James is also responsible for the running of the structural waterproofing sector of the association.

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We now have quite an extensive library of previous webinars 'on-demand' for anyone interested in developing their knowledge and understanding on a variety of subjects such as damp, structural waterproofing, invasive weed control, ground gas and many more!

Simply get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, and click on the button below to view the library and watch any of our previous CPD webinars.

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Looking to learn more?

For those looking to learn more about surveying dampness in below-ground structures, along with CPD videos, technical documents and a wealth of information on our supporting webpages, there are a variety of training courses available to help you develop your knowledge and skills.  You can view the upcoming & available courses by clicking on the button below.

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