Film shows trade body is trusted route to tackling Japanese knotweed

The invasive non-native plant causes huge problems for the UK property market as it puts down deep roots, affecting the foundations of buildings and invading drains.

But the PCA insists there’s a straightforward approach to tackling the problem and in the film, available to view at here it dispels some of the myths surrounding what has become a major issue.

Steve Hodgson, chief executive of the PCA, said: “Japanese knotweed has been in the news a lot recently as it has caused big problems within the UK property sector.

“It’s a very fast growing and very vigorous plant that has even caused problems to buyers trying to obtain mortgages – and people seem to be running scared.

“But the problem can be dealt with just like so many other household problems and there is a recognised framework to tackle it.

“People affected by the plant just need to make sure they get the right people doing the right diagnostic investigation and producing the right specifications for treatment.”

The film reveals how the PCA can help consumers to reach professional treatment companies – offering assurance, standardisation and certainty in tackling the problem.

The PCA has worked with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and The Building Societies Association – together with Japanese knotweed control companies to develop the Invasive Weed Control Group.

The trade body, noted for its technical expertise, has also developed a code of practice and an industry-recognised training programme for its professional members and those interested in the biology and control of the plant.

Mr Hodgson adds: “The control of Japanese knotweed has attracted a string of rogue traders claiming they’re able to eradicate problems in a short space of time and for very little money.

“But the PCA’s Invasive Weed Group has been created to uphold standards and make sure clients get the correct outcomes.

“Members have been audited and meet the necessary standards to gain admission to the Association.”

The PCA is an established organisation that has built a strong reputation over decades by promoting good practice.

It represents building preservation specialists who help consumers deal with a range of building defects.

The Association is also a member of Trustmark, the Government-backed scheme which aims to help consumers find reliable and trustworthy tradesmen when making improvements or repairs to their homes.

To find a PCA member, log on to the Association’s website and select the ‘Find A Member’ service.