Green Homes Grant – what is it and how to apply?

If you have been looking into ways to save money on your energy bills, then put your ideas on hold until you have read about the Government’s new Green Homes Grant scheme.

Under this new initiative, from 30th September 2020 homeowners in England will be able to apply for vouchers from the Government that will cover two thirds of the cost (up to £5000) to install an energy saving solution, such as insulation or solar water heating panels. Moreover, for low income homeowners the Government will make it possible to apply for a 100% grant up to the value of £10,000 for certain works.

What energy saving solutions can I apply for? 

The Government has revealed that there are two categories of energy saving repairs and installations that will be covered under the Green Homes Grant Scheme:

Category 1: 

  • Insulation (such as loft, cavity wall or floor insulation)
  • Low carbon heating (such as heat pumps or solar thermal)

Category 2:

Only available to those who have already had a category 1 solution installed. The category 2 list includes:

  • Double glazing or triple glazing 
  • Energy efficient doors 
  • Hot water tank thermostat or appliance thermostat 
  • Hot water tank insulation 
  • Smart heating controls 
  • Zone controls 
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) 
  • Draught proofing

In addition to this, the Government has recognised the need for specialist property repair experts (PCA members) who will be required on occasion to help rectify property problems, such as dampness and structural repairs and ensure that homes are in good condition so that they can receive energy saving measures and remain problem free. The good news for homeowners is that these repairs and checks qualify under the grant, meaning you get all the benefit of their expertise without the cost!

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Can I apply for a Green Homes Grant?

The only criteria you have to meet to apply for the Green Homes Grant voucher (s) is that you must be a homeowner, owner occupier or landlord with a property in England – this is a UK wide scheme. 

How to apply for a Green Homes Grant

The application process begins in September 2020. To apply for your voucher you will need to log on to the Simple Energy Advice website to find a suitable energy saving solution. The process for homeowners looks roughly like the following:

  1. Initial interaction and registration on the Simply Energy website
  2. Find & select approved TrustMark contractors near you
  3. Have a quote generated for the energy saving works
  4. Apply for your voucher using the quote
  5. Once works/installation is complete, contractors lodge the works against DW
  6. Invoice for the works/installation is generated by the contractor
  7. Homeowners pay the invoice less the Green Homes Grant award
  8. Contractors claim grant amounts from the Department for Business, Energy & Industry following validation and verification

To start the ball rolling on your application, why not click on the button below to see if you are eligible.

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Is the ‘Green Homes Grant’ too good to be true?

Whilst it looks to be the case that the Government is giving homeowners ‘something for nothing’ as they attempt to restart the construction industry and make homes more energy efficient, at the PCA we have seen this type of scheme come back to haunt homeowners.  As much as we are supporters of the scheme and think it is great for homeowners, we advise proceeding with caution – Let’s make sure we do things RIGHT!

We have an entire page dedicated to the unforeseen consequences of allowing contractors to apply retrofit insulation without the proper inspection checks and the required understanding of how insulation changes the way buildings deal with moisture.

We believe that the scheme has the potential to do some fantastic work to save homeowners money and boost energy efficiency, all whilst improving the housing stock. However we would also advise all homeowners to ensure you do the necessary checks first, to make sure retrofit energy saving solutions are right for your property and that you are simply not ‘papering over the cracks’!

If you are concerned, you can always find and speak to one of our local PCA and TrustMark accredited members, and if necessary, have a pre-installation and condition survey on the property to determine if your home is fit and ok to take advantage of the scheme.

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As the government have said that vouchers for work have to be redeemed by the end of March 2021, and with funding from the Government limited to £2billion, if you want to benefit from the scheme you will need to act fast. BUT…ensure that your home is ready for any form of insulation or energy saving measure that you plan to install through the grant.

Contact a local PCA property preservation specialist to discuss the suitability of your property and how our members can help you navigate the obsticles and potential pitfalls of retrofit insulation.

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