Hodgson View: Lots of splashing about when it comes to flood protection

The PCA is a member of the Government’s Flood Resilience Round Table. The last meeting of this group was Thursday. The online event was extremely well attended by the country’s leading supporters and exponents of Property Flood Resilience (PFR).

What we have said in the past, but it is worth repeating, is what we see when we attend these meetings is motivated, well intentioned people who want to do the right thing. It is unfortunate then that progress always seems glacial.

We also hear about the latest initiatives from organisations such as FloodRe, DEFRA, Environment Agency, and other national and regional organisations, all of whom seem very busy working on stuff!

Impressed by the number of initiatives for property flood resilience

Information about many, if not all of these initiatives and projects, is bounced out to members regularly in our weekly communications, so there is little point giving commentary on them here. What can be done in this sort of post is perhaps reflect a mood, or give an insight into the intentions and thoughts of some of the influential contributors.

In a nutshell – we were again impressed by the number of initiatives that appear to be focused on promoting the uptake of property flood resilience. Making properties resistant to floodwater or easier to recover when they get wet, remains a key goal of the Government, insurers and a great many others who clearly see the strategic, political and personal benefits from its adoption.

We are also invigorated to some degree by the limited financial interventions that are now coming to fruition to achieve these goals. Studies, pilots and incentives are all receiving funding from the Government, and FloodRe looks as if they might even open their purse if they see a win.

PCA is committed to representing those who deliver property flood resilience

For my part and with members in mind, I just wish these organisations could be a little more “route 1” in their approach to the promotion of both the concept and take-up of property flood resilience. Enough time has been spent on thinking about how it might work – we now have to get on with making it happen!

The PCA believes it is well placed to fulfil an important function in this mix and remain committed to representing the collective interests of professional companies who deliver PFR. It often seems that many of the highly regarded contributors to these meetings underestimate the importance of recognising the delivery of PFR as a specialism.

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