Video: 10 steps to successful

structural waterproofing projects

Freeing up underground space – either through new build projects or refurbishment works – can transform homes, creating flexible living opportunities which make the most of the land available underfoot.

However, such works can be particularly sensitive to failures due to poor workmanship or the inappropriate use of materials or bad design.

This video provides a 10 point overview on achieving successful structural waterproofing projects by providing an overview of some of the main areas to consider to keep projects on the right track.

Areas covered in the video include: groundworks, understanding the 3 grades of basement environment, ventilation considerations, the three forms of structural waterproofing, the importance of building in maintenance features and the importance of bringing in experts.



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PCA Waterproofing Design Specialist Register:
British Standard BS8102:2009 – ‘Code of Practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground’- recommends that a specialist in waterproofing is included in the design team for any structure where usable space is fully or partly below the ground level. This is specifically set out in Section 4.2 of BS8102:2009 under the heading ‘Design Team’.

The PCA Waterproofing Design Specialist Register provides a central point where individuals with the relevant waterproofing design skills and experience can identify themselves. The register can be searched by postcode or geographical area to find specialists with the requisite expertise and experience required by a design team.

View the PCA Waterproofing Design Specialist Register here.