Frequently Asked Questions


Pre Remedial Works

Why should I use a member of the Property Care Association?
Do your members charge a survey fee? If so, how much?
I've had three members of the PCA out to carry out survey reports, and each has come back with a different estimate for the works required. Why do they vary so much and what should I do?
What is the TrustMark logo that many of your members have?
I notice on your website you have Freelance/Independent Surveyors and Consultants as members. What do these categories of membership mean?

Post Remedial Works

I had damp proof work carried out several years ago by a PCA member and the damp has come back. What should I do?
I need the company I used to come back and look at the work as the damp has come back and they have said I need to pay a re-inspection fee. Is this right and why do I have to pay?
I had work carried out by a PCA member which I am unhappy with. I want to use a different company to carry out another survey, but they are saying they are unable to inspect works carried out by another member of the Association. What should I do?
I used a company for remedial works that were a member of the PCA but are no longer. Can I still come to the PCA if I have problems with the work?


I bought my house several years ago and the guarantee for damp proof works was passed on to me with the deeds. I have had the company out again but they are saying the guarantee is not valid as it is not in my name?
My paperwork shows I have a manufacturer based guarantee. What does this mean?
I had work carried out by a member company and was offered GPI insurance. What is this and what does it entail?
What happens to my guarantee if the member I use ceases to trade or goes out of business in a few years?
I've had a company come out to carry out a re-inspection at my property as the damp has come back where they previously carried out work. The problem is in the same place. They are saying the guarantee does not cover this - how can this be the case?
I had some work carried out a few years ago and the damp has come back. I can not find my original paperwork/guarantee and the company will not provide copy documents or service the guarantee



I'm unhappy with work that has been carried out by a company who aren't members of the PCA. What can I do?


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