The below companies and individuals are purporting to be members of the Property Care Association (PCA) or the British Wood Preserving and Damp-proofing Association (BWPDA), by either falsely using the PCA or BWPDA logos or falsely claiming to be full members of the PCA and/or BWPDA.

Here at the PCA we take such abuse very seriously. Each case is investigated and the perpetrator contacted. If we receive no response or find that they have made no attempt to remove the logo or wording from their website, vans, reports, etc. then their details are passed on to Trading Standards. In appropriate cases legal action will be taken to restrain by injunction the improper use of the PCA/BWPDA names/logos. In the last such case the High Court upheld the PCA/BWPDA’s legal rights and granted an injunction against Defendants who were also ordered to pay a substantial sum in legal costs.

To become a member of the PCA strict criteria must be met and adhered to throughout membership. Only full PCA members are eligible to display our logo. Our members get to exclusively use the coveted PCA logo, as an indicator to consumers that they are trusted members of a longstanding Association.

If you believe someone to be falsely claiming membership of the PCA or BWPDA please email any evidence to: or call 0844 375 4301 and our logo abuse team will investigate.

The following are not certified members of the PCA/BWPDA but have been found to be displaying the logos:

Company NameRegionMisdemeanorAction Taken
JH Property ServicesDriffield, YorkNon member company claiming PCA membership on Survey reports and falsely claiming to have CSRT qualificationWritten to company in first instance
Mid-UK Property SolutionsChesterfield, DerbyshireNon member company using PCA logo reports/invoices. Have written to them previously regarding same offenceCease and Desist Letter. Legal action where necessary
M.A DampcureSalfordNon member company using PCA logo on survey reports, website, billboardsCease and Desist letter and reported to Trading Standards
Stay Dry Damp and Timber Specialists LtdSheffieldNon member company using PCA logo on survey reportsCease and Desist letter and reported to Trading Standards
ARJEN Property Preservation & RenovationGlasgowUsing BWPDA/PCA logos on letterhead and reportsWritten requesting removal of logo from paperwork
Elan Dampcoursing Ltd LiverpoolUsing PCA logo on paperwork.Have written asking them to remove logo.
UCS Damp-proofing & Timber Preservation ServicesLondonUsing PCA logo on reports.Have written to asking them to remove.
Japanese Knotweed Removal DevonSouth West Displaying PCA video/linking to PCA website which may infer membership of the Association. Written to company.