The End of KTP & New Beginning for Our Paula

Last Sunday saw the official end to the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project with University College London.

The project set out to see if it was possible to develop a tool that would accurately and reliably give professional surveyors unambiguous information on the causes of mould in any building. Based on an understanding of the “acceptable levels of moisture” and by collecting data from a number of key variables, would it be possible to give definitive information to show why a building has a moisture imbalance and potentially what needs to be done to put it right?

Insightful & positive research from the KTP project

After two and a half years of work, we can confirm that not only can it be done, but it can be done both accurately and relatively easily.

Paula Lopez Arce has been the mind behind the last two years of data collection and analysis and has successfully formulated the methodologies that have allowed the PCA to achieve its stated objectives with the KTP partnership.

In short, we are pleased to say your Association now has the insight and research to assess, diagnose and inform homeowners of the causes of mould in ways that are new, innovative and understandable. Furthermore, our processes have the capacity to direct remediation and assess the risk of mould growth in buildings that may not show any signs of mould at present!

Achieving the result has been no simple task!

This great achievement has been no simple task, but with our determination to bring this project home, backed by UCL, Innovate UK and Paula’s brilliant mind; we have been successful!

The project made its first appearance at a conference in Greece last week and the academic paper that documents our achievements has now been “peer reviewed” and will be published and delivered at a conference in Italy in September. Both of these International Conferences were funded by the Innovate UK grant that helps to facilitate the KTP.

What happens next with ‘Our Paula’?

This leads us nicely back to Paula. We are delighted to announce that as of 20th July 2019 Paula will become a member of PCA staff. This means that the Association has on its team a ‘Materials Research Scientist’ with an international pedigree.

Taking the KTP research to the next level

Paula’s job as the PCA’s Head of Research will be to further the outcomes of the KTP and determine how our findings can be made available to members as a resource and as a valuable diagnostic tool.

She will also be tasked with solving problems, providing advice and seeking further funding for research and development wherever she sees potential to help members practically, while all the time enhancing the Association’s reputation as an organisation leading knowledge and providing expertise.

Proud to be taking the Association to new levels

Our own Steve Hodgson (CEO of the PCA) comments: “this is a very proud moment for the Association. What other Trade Association do you know that contributes to, helps support and invests in the acquisition and proliferation of pure knowledge using members’ money in a way that benefits not just themselves but academic understanding, society and the well-being of the population”.

“Along with myself feeling very chuffed, all the members of the PCA should celebrate and be proud of what we have achieved collectively and excited by what we may discover in the future“.

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