KTP Project & Conference Workshop

The Knowledge Transfer Project (KTP Project) set out to see if it was possible to develop a tool that would accurately give surveyors information on the causes of mould. After two and a half years of work, we were pleased to announce we have been successful! So what happens now? Well, read ahead for an earlier update from our very own Dr Paula Lopez-Arce’s update ahead of the 2019 International Building Preservation Conference!

KTP Project Update: Results and Next Stage

The condensation season promoted by cold weather is already upon us, together with surface condensation and mould growth. The main results of the KTP project showed that inadequate ventilation was the main cause of mould in the studied dwellings, combined with a poor thermal quality of the building. An improvement in the ventilation regime can help to minimize these issues.

A lack of ventilation training – we can help!

If it is determined that UK properties are to be insulated by retrofitting to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency, ventilation must be also considered since it plays a critical role as well! A lack of natural ventilation relays in forced units, require an appropriate knowledge on the different systems and accurate measurements in order to assess their effectiveness – this is where the PCA can help! The PCA offers training courses on ventilation such as:

Conference workshop, further development & the prototype

At the PCA’s 2019 International Building Preservation Conference, Paula will hold an exhibition-workshop during the lunch break which will show the novel methodology and materials used to build a diagnostic tool during the KTP project. During the workshop, different types of environmental sensors and several case studies will be shown to demonstrate how it works.

This further development of environmental monitoring methodology, involves creating a prototype to overcome current drawbacks and limitations. This will enable the use and set up of sensors, data collection, management and interpretation of results (through the automatic generation of reports), much easier.

Beyond the conference – future of property ventilation

The project has now passed to another stage thanks to the collaboration between PCA, the UCL Electrical Engineering department and a local Housing Association. An impartial diagnosis and neutral assessment of causes for mould growth and eventually moisture remediation, support the interests of finding more appropriate rectification strategies and the identification of more cost-effective solutions to reduce indoor moisture in UK dwellings.

See you at the conference…

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