PCA supports the Government’s TrustMark Initative

What is TrustMark

TrustMark is the scheme supported by the Government, consumer groups and building industry to help members of the public find reputable firms to do repair, maintenance and improvement work inside and outside a home.

In order to support this important government initiative the PCA become one of the founder scheme operators. Because of the high standards of service and quality that is expected from PCA members we were then able to extend the offer of TrustMark accreditation to all members.

In order for the PCA to be awarded a TrustMark operators licence,we were subjected to an extensive and detailed vetting and certification process. This regulation of PCA’s activities is ongoing and involves annual inspections from the TrustMark quality manager.

  • TrustMark is an independent initiative created jointly by Government, industry and consumer groups.
  • TrustMark is designed to give increased consumer protection to people having work done in and around their homes.
  • TrustMark provides a single logo to look out for – a logo you can trust.
  • TrustMark registered firms are reputable tradespeople.
  • TrustMark is growing – there are thousands of registered firms accessible via TrustMark right now and the number and range of tradespeople will increase all the time.
PCA is committed to TrustMark in order to promote and support its members and their customers with the continued support of the Government, Trading Standards and other consumer groups. It will mean that consumers will never have to run the risk of hiring a rouge trader or cowboy builder.

Visit the TrustMark website here.