Invasive Weed Control Application Pack

A contractor is a company providing services to the domestic and/or commercial market within sectors represented by the PCA.

To apply for Invasive Weed Contractor membership of the Property Care Association companies must, in the first instance, comply with the following:

  • Have been trading for a minimum of 2 years (we require 2 years full published trading accounts to process your membership).
  • Employ appropriately qualified/ experienced surveyors (Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed (CSJK) qualification).
  • Employ appropriately qualified technicians (NPTC PA1/PA6).
  • Operate with the required levels of insurance cover.

If an applicant meets only one of the criteria as listed above, they may wish to consider 'Provisional Status’.

Provisional Status

Provisional status is for contractors that are:-

1. A newly formed company (thus not meeting the requirement for 2 years trading), but can demonstrate that it is being run by an experienced person employing qualified (CSJK) surveyors.


2. A well-established company that does not employ qualified surveyors (thus not meeting the requirement that all surveyors must have the relevant qualifications) but can provide 2 year's full trading accounts and can demonstrate relevant previous experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Provisional status DOES NOT entitle you to use the PCA logo.

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