PCA Mid-Week News - 25th March 2020

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • COVID-19: Update from your CEO
  • CITB Levy Payments
  • Letter to Secretary of State
  • New Virtual Regional Meetings
  • Safe Site Advice from CABE
  • Still time to Register for tomorrow’s webinar!

COVID-19: Update from your CEO

After a very challenging week for all and many more challenging months to come, your CEO Steve Hodgson sums up the actions the the PCA is taking in light of COVID-19 and how we are trying to help support our members as best we can during these uncertain times. It includes improved digital communication and the start of weekly professional development webinars.

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CITB Levy Payments

We know that suspension of Levy is not something CITB has the power to decide as they have to seek Ministerial / Governmental permission, however, your Association is lobbying on behalf of members for CITB to review levy payments during these incredibly uncertain times; for CITB to inform companies that until normal conditions return, that levy payments and the levy returns process will be suspended.

Whilst no action has been taken as yet, CITB has confirmed they are reviewing this matter at an ‘exceptional Board meeting’ today (Wednesday 25th March). We will of course update members as soon as we hear back from them following this meeting.

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Letter to Secretary of State

Your Association has been trying to be proactive in addressing the need to continue fighting the spread of invasive weed during COVID-19 times. Following a letter sent to the Secretary of State from many amenity sector stakeholders, including your Association, Amenity Forum, INNSA, BPCA, BALI and BASiS, we hope to reach out and ensure this issue to maintain key transport network and amenities is addressed.

As always, we will update members with any response and/or progress as soon as we can.

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New Virtual Regional Meetings

We are conscious that many of our members were looking forward to this round of Regional Meetings, to engage with and receive the updates you were expecting from your Association. As communicated last week we are now providing our FIRST EVER VIRTUAL Regional Meeting! This will take place on 1st April 2020 from 09.00-11.00am and you can register via the button below.

For those who missed the meetings in Scotland and Manchester, you can now join us on 1st April and hear from YOUR Association. These are unprecedented times but we continue to support you, our members. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01480 400000.

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Safe Site Advice from CABE

In light of the COVID-19 government response, CABE (Chartered Association of Building Engineers), working as part of CIC (The Construction Industry Council) along with other industry bodies, are seeking urgent clarification on this. Gavin Dunn, CABE Chief Executive has outlined the following advice to those who are uncertain:

If you are still involved with operations on site, particularly essential maintenance or building work, which will need to continue, please read the best practice guidance document produced by Construction Leadership Council for safe site working for information and we recommend that you adopt the proposed measures as quickly as possible.

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Japanese knotweed webinar – 1 week to go!

Join us at 8am tomorrow for the Japanese knotweed ‘Problem Plant or Just a Weed?’ webinar! We’ll be discussing the impact of Japanese knotweed, if it really deserves its reputation and what the future might bring in terms of treatment solutions – so why not join us?

If you are within the Invasive Weed Sector, you won’t want to miss it. Share with your clients and customers why YOU as a PCA qualified professional are the ‘voice of authority’ on the subject! Register via the button below…

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