NEW Moisture Diagnostic Tool - Now LIVE!

We are delighted to announce that our NEW ground-breaking moisture diagnostic tool, to assess moisture imbalance in homes and buildings, is now live and available exclusively for PCA members.

Almost 5 years of research and hard work to get here

Our focus and determination on research into producing this tool, presenting at international conferences, the publication of research articles in international journals and our collaboration with University College London (UCL) has propelled us into the academic arena. This has now reached ground-breaking level as the mixture of academic and industrial research becomes tangible, practical, and real.

This is the first tool of its kind which can independently and reliably interpret REAL TIME environmental data while also autonomously creating reports advising on the moisture risk to a building and the potential risks for problems such as condensation and mould problems.

So…if you are a PCA member and you are interested in a tool that will better help you determine and evaluate moisture issues that also helps you stand out in the market place and backs up your reports and findings…then read on!

Diagnostic Tool – No longer a pipedream, but a REALITY

The Ground-breaking Building Moisture Index (BMI) Reporting Tool is an innovative diagnostic & reporting tool like no other in the market. Its a tool thats being developed by the Property Care Association and its partners to assess moisture imbalance within UK homes and buildings, and what is more, it is exclusive to PCA members! So, what does it do?

  • Performs analyses and interpretation of the environmental data that is collected in real time
  • Provides a unique autonomous, independent, technical, summary report, with recommendations to householders, housing associations or local authoriteis on the interventions they can take to rectify moisture problems in buildings

Mould growth is normally the first indication of a moisture imbalanced dwelling, but a combination of causal factors might be responsible for it. Identifying these causes is crucial for householders and we have a real opportunity to ensure this tool plays a part.

Surveyors… benefits of the new diagnostic tool

This unique diagnostic tool will allow surveyors to better understand, quantify and rectify moisture imbalance, condensation and mould issues in buildings. Impartial technical evidence given by a robust scientific diagnosis from monitoring the indoor environment can be supplied by the surveyor, through:

  • Accurate & reliable interpretation of environmental data – the tool allows quick and accurate processing, assessing, and reporting data gathered by sensors/data loggers
  • Identification of factors causing moisture imbalance, condensation and mould growth
  • Measures and Recommendations for remedial actions required in a retrofitting project
  • Neutral assessment to support householders and landlords for solving disrepair claim conflicts
  • Professional Autonomous Technical Reports that save an enormous amount of time and money

There’s more to come next week regarding the details of the tool, what it looks like and the sort of data and analysis you can get from it.  However, if you fancy seeing an example of what one of the autonomous reports looks like, then click on the button below

View an Example Report >>

For all our PCA Members this is exclusively for you!

Exclusively for PCA members, this environmental data reporting tool is now available. Many of you are familiar with data loggers and environmental monitoring but if you have never used these and want to give it a try, you can. We will arrange for you to borrow a set of sensors and we will explain how to use them through a step-by-step guide, instructions for installation in the dwellings and how to download the information that we will process for you.

Sound interesting? Want more detailed information on the tool and what it can deliver? Then get in touch with our Head of Research, Dr Paula Lopez-Arce on 01480 400000 /

PCA Members – stand up and be proud

It is important we emphasise again how much this puts PCA members into the spotlight. This is PCA members cash that has allowed up to be able to toachieve this and to be recognised for this ongoing research within the academic arena, and internationally too, is fantastic!

We are very pleased to show the involvement and support that PCA members are continuing to demonstrate throughout this project and the opportunities really could be incredible.

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