PCA Weekly News - 10th October 2020

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • More Info on our Moisture Diagnostic Tool
  • Our Online Training Offering: 2021 & Beyond!
  • Pre-Treated Wood – How much do you really know?
  • Anglian Water Invasive Species Fund
  • Webinar: Green Homes Grant and “Shallow” Retrofit
  • Property Flood Resilience 2020 Update
  • Handy Covid-19 Flowchart from Build UK
  • Technician Training: Structural Waterproofing

More Information on our Moisture Diagnostic Tool Now LIVE!

Last week we shared with members the exciting news that our ground-breaking BMI Diagnostic Reporting Tool is now live and exclusive to PCA members. We have received a number of enquiries already which is fantastic, with two of our members already set up to use the tool!

We know that these type of reports can seem daunting if you’re not familiar with them, therefore we have created a number of documents to help members better understand the tool. As always, we are here to help members and discuss any queries you may have. If you want to talk to Paula in more detail, please give her a call on 01480 400000 / paula@property-care.org.

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Our Online Training Offering: 2021 & Beyond!

**DRUMROLL PLEASE** As we work towards finalising our training dates for next year, we are extremely pleased and proud to announce to members that we will be offering online training courses for 2021 and beyond!  

In response to the challenges we have all faced throughout 2020, and continue to face, we are delighted to be able to upgrade and improve our training offering to you, our members. This will commence with our Surveying Timber & Dampness in Buildings training taking place online from January 2021.

We need your help! Can you supply case studies on dry rot and all types of damp projects, capturing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ progress, to ensure we have the most relevant and current material for this training? Members can send this through to James Berry on james@property-care.org / 01480 400000.

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Pre-Treated Wood – How much do you really know?

We are very pleased to share another blog from PCA trainer & honorary member Gervais Sawyer with members this week. This latest instalment from Gervais focuses on the matter of pre-treated wood and asks, ‘How much do you really know about pre-treated wood? How long can you expect it to last and is it up to standard?

Members can read Gervais’ words of wisdom by clicking on the button below…..

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Anglian Water Invasive Species Fund

For some of our invasive weed members based in the Anglian Water (or Hartlepool Water) area, you may be interested to know that £15K grants are available for aquatic invasive species management.

“The Anglian Water Invasive Species Fund will only support projects to control giant hogweed where professional specialists are used. The fund will not support volunteer workers to control/remove giant hogweed”.

We see this as a great opportunity for members and would encourage you to explore the possibility of working alongside your local wildlife groups and/or local authority. For more information and to apply, click on the button below.

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Webinar: Green Homes Grant & “Shallow” Retrofit

Just 3 weeks until our webinar on the ‘Green Homes Grant scheme and the effects of “shallow” retrofit’. Join us and PCA’s CEO Steve Hodgson on Thursday 29th October 2020 from 9-10am as he asks, ‘how do we anticipate and design out problems before retrofitting a building or home?’

With the new scheme helping to stimulate the construction industry and encourage energy saving measures to help save the planet while improving the comfort of homeowners, how do we help ensure these welcomed planet saving measures do not become a ‘blight’ within peoples homes?

Click on the button below to find out more and register.

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Property Flood Resilience 2020 Update

For those members who haven’t see the the latest edition of the Property Flood Resilience (PFR) EMag, you can access this by clicking on the button below.

This edition features many case studies from a variety of different properties and how homeowners & businesses have made their homes more flood resilient. This was also one of the key factors which members will recall was highlighted in the recent report from the the Environment Agency (EA) into how behavioural insights can be applied to the field of Property Flood Resilience (PFR).

Members of our Flood Protection Group have the experience to deliver real value and grab the opportunity to deliver repairs that will protect buildings in the future and we will continue to lobby on your behalf for the support this sector needs moving forward.

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Handy Covid-19 Flowchart from Build UK

There has been plenty of information released about what steps to take if a worker has Covid-19 or has to self-isolate. Members may have seen the flowchart which Build UK have shared in their latest update, but for those who haven’t, we think this is pretty good.

Members can click on the button below to access and download.

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Technician Training: Structural Waterproofing

Technician Training: Structural Waterproofing
Date: 28th October 2020
Location: PCA Head Office, Huntingdon
Cost: Just £185 +VAT
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This will be of benefit for those who have started working in the structural waterproofing industry. Ideally delegates will have received basic training from their employer and have already gained some technical or practical experience in a related environment. Candidates who successfully pass the assessment will be entitled to refer to themselves as ‘PCA Qualified Technicians (PCAQTSW)’.

Contact the training team today on 01480 400 000 or email amber@property-care.org

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