PCA Weekly News - 14th March 2020

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Coronavirus – Advice for Members!
  • ‘Paula’s Papers’ – The Second in the Series
  • Conferences & Awards 2020 – Bookings are Open!
  • Regional Meetings off to a Flying Start!
  • Helpful advice from Stallard Kane
  • Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship – Cohort 2
  • Japanese knotweed Webinar – 2 weeks to go!
  • Training & development
  • In the News

Coronavirus – Advice for Members!

Under health and safety law, all of our PCA members and employers have a duty of care to protect their employees from infectious diseases at work. As we’re all aware, Coronavirus is impacting us and our workforce and it is the employer’s responsibility to take precautions to prevent exposure to the disease and ensure the health and safety of employees.

It has been agreed that we will postpone the AGM, which was due to take place on 21st April. Our regional meetings continue through March until 1st April, which we may also need to postpone/cancel. For now, we are acting upon the information we have from the Government with forthcoming training, regional meetings and conference planning remaining unaffected at present. As your Trade Association, we continue to support YOU, our members, and we will update you all as soon as anything changes.

The current position with COVID-19 is constantly developing, therefore it is imperative for members to keep up to date with Government advice, utilising sources such as the NHS, Public Health England (PHE) and Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC). Government advice and guidance is available for employers on the Gov.uk website, via the button below. .

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‘Paula’s Papers’ – The Second in the Series

Following on from the recent launch of the first paper, we are delighted to share Paula’s second paper on Salts Distribution in Walls and Decay of Building Materials. This paper forms part of series that Paula is writing over the coming weeks to provide a better understanding of the problems which affect the durability of many types of buildings, materials and structures in all kind of climates and weather conditions.

We will continue to share these papers as they become available. To get involved and share your knowledge and experience in dealing with salt problems in residential buildings, please get in touch with Paula direct on paula@property-care.org.

**DON’T FORGET** Read the complete series and gain 2 CPD points!

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Conferences & Awards 2020 – Bookings are Open!

Bookings are now open for the forthcoming PCA 2020 Conferences and what’s more, members have the opportunity to grab the EARLY BIRD OFFER across all of our conferences:

  • International Structural Waterproofing Conference – 2nd July
  • International Building Preservation Conference – 29th September
  • Best Practice Awards – 29th September (6.30pm til late)
  • International Invasive Weed Conference – 26th November

Our programme of speakers will be confirmed in due course, but needless to say you won’t be disappointed – each event is shaping up to be bigger and better than before! We continue to see attendance figures grow each year, so we urge members to get booked on and secure your accommodation!

In terms of the Coronavirus, we continue to move forward with the planning of these events and are acting upon the information we have from the Government. We will of course, update our members as soon as anything changes.

For additional queries, please contact Sue Uttridge direct on 01480 400001 or via email: sue@property-care.org.

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Regional Meetings off to a Flying Start!

It was great to see so many of our members at the first two locations in our Spring round of regional meetings this week – and the breakfast trial certainly went down well too! For those of you who missed the chance, or who want to come along to one of our other locations, click on the button below for more information.

These meetings really are a great opportunity for YOU to engage with your Association, feed back your suggestions or concerns and catch up with friends and colleagues.


Helpful advice from Stallard Kane

Members will be keen to know the government’s proposed changes to employment law, shared below from Stallard Kane, which will take effect from April 2020:

  • The right to a basic written contract will take effect from day 1 of employment – for workers as well as employees
  • The period for calculating an average week’s pay will increase from 12 to 52 weeks
  • All agency workers will have the right to receive the same pay and basic employment terms (with comparable employees) after 12 weeks – even those employed directly by employment agencies

There are also proposals with no timescale, including:

  • Zero hours contract workers to request a stable contract after 6 months
  • Legislation to clarify the employment status tests
  • Increasing the period which breaks continuity of employment from 1 week to 4
  • Banning companies from making deductions from tips

There are a further 50 suggestions being contemplated. Stallard Kane is happy to talk through/help members with these proposed changes. Please contact Amanda Modev direct on 07837 408759.

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Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship – Cohort 2

We welcomed cohort 2 to the PCA this week as they started on their Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship journey! Apprenticeships are a great way to invest in your workforce now and in the future, so if you missed the chance this time round, why not be inspired for the next intake in October? But don’t just take our word for it:

  • 92% believe it has led to a more motivated and satisfied workforce
  • 83% rely on apprenticeship programmes to provide the skilled workers they need for the future
  • 80% report a significant increase in employee retention

Contact Jade for more information on 01480 400000 or via email jade@property-care.org.

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Japanese knotweed Webinar – 2 weeks to go!

Only 2 weeks to go until the Japanese knotweed ‘Problem Plant or Just a Weed?’ webinar. If you are looking to encourage your clients and customers to know a little more about Japanese Knotweed, its impact and why YOU as a PCA qualified professional are the ‘voice of authority’ on the subject, then this is a webinar you want to attend and share with your clients.

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Training & Development

Invasive Plant Identification Course

This course was launched in 2019 to focus on the identification of common terrestrial invasive species in the UK. This is an exciting opportunity to work with live samples, such as American Skunk Cabbage and Three Cornered Garlic, and extend knowledge with invasive species that are causing problems within the UK.

Contact the training team today on 01480 400000 or email jo@property-care.org.

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Understanding Traditional Building Principles

Deepen understanding and background knowledge of the fundamentals of the different types of building construction, and how the construction type will affect how a building performs. Beneficial for foundation level training/as a refresher/to fill any gaps in existing knowledge, to help when working with buildings to assess and recommend appropriate actions for property care.

Contact the training team today on 01480 400000 or email jo@property-care.org.

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In the News

In the news this week:

We have issued a warning regarding the floods spreading invasive weeds to new locations. This was featured in Pitchcare and HorticulturalWeek and West Sussex Gazette (in print).

The ‘Understanding Dampness and Condensation’ workshop has been promoted to housing associations with coverage in Housing Management and Maintenance and Building Construction Design.


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