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Apprenticeships: "PCA are the way to go"

We were delighted to welcome our 9th cohort of apprentices back to the PCA, especially as its National Apprenticeship Week. But what does an apprenticeship offer you and your team (s)? What will it cost and what does it entail? At the PCA we believe that our Specialist Apprenticeship Programme goes a long way to addressing the skills shortage within the industry. But don't just take our word for it...

“PCA are the way to go”

Gareth Jenkins, from Hepple Property Care is one of our current apprentices on the Level 2 NVQ Damp & Timber apprenticeship and he gave us his thoughts earlier this week in a brief interview. So what exactly will an apprenticeship offer you? Click on the button below to watch the short video clip and find out...

Get qualified with a Level 2 NVQ

We continue to invest and value our Specialist Apprenticeship Programme. We are entering our 7th year of apprenticeships and have seen over 70 apprentices complete this dedicated training, setting them up with a Level 2 NVQ qualification within the industry. In 2018 we launched our Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship which adds to our current portfolio, and just like the Damp & Timber offering, has also become very popular.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

We have spoken many times about the skills shortage in the industry and are continuously looking to improve the teaching we provide. We want to ensure that candidates leave us with the highest level of skill and knowledge to support them in their role. Neil Hartley, Training Consultant at Timberwise sums up the benefits our apprenticeship has afforded the company: “ We fully support the PCA Apprenticeship programme and have sent employees on both their Timber/Damp and Waterproofing Apprenticeship Schemes. The knowledge and experience that the employees receive from these apprenticeships is unrivalled and from our employees point of view, they found the whole experience very enjoyable and beneficial. The knowledge and experience that they bring back into the workplace provides a very healthy return on our investment in the apprenticeships and bolsters our commitment in the training and personal development of our employees. We will continue to fully support the PCA Apprenticeship Programme as we know that this provides both our current and future employees with the very best training in our Industry“  

Apprenticeships are the future

We believe that continuing to provide these programmes we are at the forefront of preparing the industry for the future and we urge employers to see the benefits of this dedicated training. The route to an industry qualification can be achieved.

Funding is available!

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) offers a range of funding opportunities, crucial support for many companies in providing the opportunity to increase knowledge and skills for their staff. Earlier this year CITB announced further funding support for companies to cover the costs associated with accommodation and travel for the training involved in the apprenticeship. This is most welcome and will ensure that future training is more achievable than ever before.

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We understand that it can be overwhelming and confusing to know exactly what funding is available. We can help you. Our training team have assisted many companies with completing the forms and obtaining the right funding, and we will continue to offer this invaluable support moving forward.

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