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The best get better with Property Care Association training

We were recently asked to deliver the PCA Qualified Technicians training to PCA Member company, Brick-Tie Preservation. Following the training the Managing Director Bryan Hindle wrote this great article.

 959 Peter McDonald Teaching 2 headerMost of our staff have obtained Property Care Association training over the years… but the training is so good, we can’t get enough of it. Not only do our technician’s benefit from Property Care Association training, but learning never stops in our business and that means across the board, from remedial technicians to surveyors and from managers to office staff. That’s because our clients need to know, that we don’t sit on our laurels when we pass a test or two… we ponder improvements and we strive to improve.

One way we do this is by taking regular refresher courses and introducing more staff to the benefits of Property Care Association training courses, examinations and programs.

In September 2014 all full time staff and key sub-contractors attended the two-day Property Care Association Qualified Technicians course. The course was held especially for us at our Sherburn in Elmet office and presented by Peter Macdonald CSRT.

Peter is a well-known and respected independent PCA member. He has over 43 years’ experience in the preservation industry and has worked tirelessly to improve training and attainment standards, for PCA technicians and surveyors too.

Good basic understanding of the fundamentals of preservation is key to quality. That goes without saying for all our technicians, however for this course, general manager Katrina Jackson and administration clerk Sian Caley were in attendance too. They are our client’s first point of contact and field lots of questions via phone and email every day – having the right answers helps customers understand the practicalities of having damp proofing, structural waterproofing and timber treatment work carried out. A realistic idea of what will be involved is crucial; making sure projects run smoothly for customers.

Katrina web

Katrina has attended the course before, back in 2009, but this time she sat the exam too “I’m lucky that the firm do such interesting stuff – it’s made me a bit of a nerd but I love it. Customers want answers when they call and I like to explain exactly what we are doing and why, it really helps them and that gives me satisfaction”.

It was Sian’s first technicians course “That was really good, it made lots of sense, though I could have done without having to poke about in bat droppings”!

Our two latest team members are surveyors Wayne Earnshaw and Paul Glover and they were included also, to brush-up on the latest standards and to give them a clear idea of the level of knowledge and expertise our technicians already have – they were both very impressed “When I know that the lads who turn up at a project I’ve specified, are so well clued-up” said Wayne “It gives me confidence that they will always deliver on the promises I’ve made to clients”.

Of course our MD Bryan Hindle sat the course too – partly for fun but also so he could identify areas for future improvement and so refine our on-going training program. He could hardly contain himself, reaching for samples to show Sian and Katrina, whenever Peter gave him an excuse… Bat droppings; Dry Rot, Wood boring weevil and Furniture beetle damaged wood was eagerly thrust into Katrina and Sian’s rather unwilling hands as the opportunity arose.

Peter’s role in helping PCA members thrive
Peter Macdonald is not new to Brick-Tie Preservation, having undertaken quality audits of us, on behalf of the Property Care Association in the past and as always, he was able to help us once more “Visiting PCA members for quality audits is one of my responsibilities and training too takes up much of my time. It’s good to help Bryan and his team extend their knowledge and improve on, what has to be said is already a very high standard”. Peter did a great job and everyone gained new hints, tips and details, which they can add to their knowledge.

Peter and Katrina

Property Care Association training is a critical part of our staff development program, providing as it does the sound fundamentals in health and safety, damp-proofing practicalities and timber physiology and treatment. It also ensures that despite being busy, we get to take time-out to spend time together; learning, laughing and listening… something, which is worth a great deal in any hectic business.

Our thanks go to Peter Macdonald and the PCA, along with our Company Secretary Julie Hindle, who manned the phone alone for two days, so everyone could sit this important training. Also thanks to the whole team of Katrina, Sian, Stuart, Darren, Ryan, Craig, Adrian, Peter, Robert, Paul and Wayne for making the event such a great success.



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