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BS 8102 - A big part of the waterproofing conference!

I’ve previously written about the return of the Structural Waterproofing conference and we are really looking forward to seeing many of you on 14th July. We are at 75% capacity already, so if you haven’t booked your place yet, then be quick – there are not many spaces left!

First conference since publication of BS 8102...

For many of you this years event is a must attend event – not only because of the hiatus due to Covid, but because it is the first conference since the publication of BS 8102 Protection of below ground structures against water ingress – Code of practice. Whilst the changes have been described as 'evolution and not revolution', designing to the code has long been seen as the way to ensure a robust below ground waterproofing solution by insurers, practitioners and designers. It is therefore vital that those involved in the industry are fully conversant with the changes. This is why we have devoted an entire session to the changes at the conference...

An entire session devoted to the changes in BS 8102

Here we will give those in attendance the chance to understand and question the rationale of those that were involved in the revision. Undoubtedly, for the reasons described above, many of you will see this as the main reason for attending the conference. Whilst admittedly some of the changes are simply where the industry has moved on since the last revision (a little bias here, but inline with most of the guidance in the PCA best practice guidance documents), there is a bigger picture here. In my opinion it is actually the session that precedes the panel debate on BS 8102 which is more important - this session considers changing perception on climate change and sustainability, which could be perceived to be one of the main drivers for change to the code of practice.

Looking at the session in more detail

Let's look at Session 2 in more detail.... We have 'Flooding in Below Ground Structures due to Surface Flooding', and the revision to 8102 has certainly changed to make sure designers give this more consideration. Just look at the floods in London last summer, which goes to show that changing weather patterns needs to impact the way we think about water ingress into basements. We also will be considering 'Battery Back-up for Basement Pumps', which have been accepted as best practice for a while and  the new code of practice now states these should be included. With changing weather patterns previously described, their inclusion has never been more important. But what are the key considerations of these systems? Well this session is designed to answer this very question....

Arming the industry with more knowledge!

The Structural Waterproofing conference is not the only way that we are looking to arm industry with knowledge to implement the new Code of Practice. Last week PCA Trainer Michael Earle delivered a very well attended PCA webinar on this very topic! What's more, if you watch the webinar (available on demand), you get access to a 10% discount code to the new 8102 too! Our webinars normally comprise a 40 – 45 minute presentation followed by Q&A so can really only scratch the surface, but for those wanting to get into the nuts and bolts of this update, we have developed a new, fully online BS 8102 Update Course - and all for the bargain price of £55 (PCA members) / £65 (non-PCA members)!

Standard Bearers for best practice in structural waterproofing

For some time the PCA and its members have been seen as the standard bearers for best practice in structural waterproofing. These resources are all designed to ensure that as the industry continues to evolve, members of the Association are equipped to promote the highest standards of professionalism and expertise in below ground waterproofing.

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