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Building Conservation Summer School

Driving away from the family on a hot sunny Sunday in June to start a five day residential training course, wasn’t cool. And with the welcome pack indicating that most days were due to start with an 8.45am lecture that rolled on to 9pm in the evening... you can perhaps understand my slight feeling of trepidation. BUT, I can report that rather than being any kind of chore, it was one of the best and most engaging learning experiences I have ever encountered.

Receptive, engaging and responsive

I’m very happy to say that at no point did I feel myself nodding off or becoming anxious about the growing number of unread emails in my in-tray. The range, quality and relentless pace of the tutorials, coupled with the enthusiasm and passion on show at the front of the room, saw to that. Now I am not saying that it’s for everyone, or that I agreed with every word spoken by every one of the lecturers, but credit where its due the tutors were receptive, engaging, responsive and willing to indulge opinion and draw their own learning from the views and experience of the professionals making up the class. The beds in the University may have been a little basic, but the canteen served three hot meals a day so we ate like kings. My fellow students were drawn from hugely diverse backgrounds and were incredibly friendly, keen to engage and exchange thoughts and ideas. As a result, the pre-bed drinks at the student bar, at student prices, was hugely enjoyable.

Building conservation & building conservationists

If you have an interest in the purists view of building conservation or want an insight into the passions and knowledge that drive those at the forefront of the sector, then the Conservation Summer School is for you. If you just want to know more about historic, glass, bricks, mortars, plasters and roofing, there couldn’t be a better, more stimulating and welcoming place to learn. Attending the summer school has not changed my views on building conservation, its importance, its purpose and its limitations. It has certainly helped me reshape some my thoughts about building conservationists. Let’s hope as we all grow older and perhaps a little wiser, that they can change their opinion of us...

Excellent value for money

The dates for the 2023 summer school have already been released, so if you're interested, it is worth registering. The prices haven’t been listed yet but it cost me £1,000. This might sound a lot but trust me, when you consider the content, the catering and accommodation, it represents excellent value for money in my opinion. I hope you get as much out of it as I did... 

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