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Comparison tests puts PCA diagnostic system 'on top'!

New laws are being considered that will make landlords more accountable for the condition of rented property. Could this be because television news teams are keener than ever to highlight the shortfalls in service delivered by councils and housing associations? Or...has the Housing Ombudsman report made it known that landlords can not blame tenants for damp and mould affected properties?  Probably no great surprise then that work being done by the PCA's subsidiary (Maple R&D) is getting a good deal of interest!

How the system works...

The 'Condensation & Mould Diagnostic System' monitors environmental conditions, then automatically generates reports giving the user an evidence based assessment of living conditions, air quality and mould risk . The simple to understand, but scientifically robust information about the severity, probable causes and recommended actions is proving to be highly significant in diagnostic investigations, disrepair claims and dispute resolution.

How it compares with other products...

At the beginning of 2022, Wolverhampton University approached us and asked if we would consider being part of an evaluation of new property monitoring equipment. After running back-to-back comparisons with a number of equipment suppliers and software providers, we were delighted that in the report published this month that our product we deemed to provide a “robust, objective, repeatable methodology and can be used on its own or as an analytical appendix to a wider condition survey” The evaluation was based 23 properties and involved the back-to-back evaluation of different systems of monitoring and reporting. But simply...your Associations 'Condensation & Mould Diagnostic System' came out on top.

The system is here for our PCA members

The technology that Wolverhampton University evaluated from your Association is available to PCA members to buy or borrow now. The PCA and the team behind Maple continue to look for ways to improve and develop the technology and bring our device to a greater number of users. Further grant funding is being sought and partnering deals negotiated, With a growing number of users, the 'Condensation & Mould Diagnostic System' developed by your Association's internal scientist Paula in partnership with University College London. is now really proving its value on site. Its applications are proving to be much wider than we had thought and its value in directing “right first time” remedies for mould and dampness are resolving disputes, saving money and improving lives.

Cost of living will result in increased problems this winter

Astronomical fuel prices mean that many homes will be colder this winter. Colder homes will almost certainly result in a significant uplift in problems associated mould, dampness and condensation. It is only reasonable then to anticipate a significant increase in the numbers of calls to specialist surveyors, landlords and housing officers who have a duty to understand the real issues and not to blame the occupant. The technology owned and accessible to PCA members takes the emotion and the subjectivity out of mould diagnostics in a “robust, objective, repeatable” way. To find out more, contact us and we can make sure you have this technology as part of your survey offerings this winter.

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