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Covid-19: Yesterday's problem or today's challenge?

The successful vaccination programme has seen the economy and everything that drives it open up rapidly. It seems that if we can navigate the not inconsiderable challenges of fuel supply, material inflation, and skill shortages, then demand is strong.

The fact is however, that the virus which shook the world has not finished with us yet. The vaccination programme has reduced the death rate and the infection rate but with almost a quarter of a million new infections a week, we are still not free of the virus and its potential to affect our businesses.

Disruption and damage to your businesses

Herd immunity facilitated by vaccination is where we are headed but it seems that until we get there, testing and periods of state imposed isolation will be the norm. Even if our families, children and co-workers are not becoming significantly unwell, the need for ten days imposed isolation is disruptive and damaging. Then factor in that occasionally, despite the best endeavours of the health service, some of us can still get seriously sick despite having the jabs.

Regardless of the end of state imposed restrictions, employers and employees are still subject to legislation and directives through HSE and other regulatory bodies. We can also have restrictions and operational risk mitigation measures imposed on us by clients.

With everything considered, we might not see the need for the relatively draconian and restrictive recommendations like those that were set out in the guidance we published in the summer of 2020. However, perhaps something more proportionate but equally responsible might be a good idea and we have revised our pre-survey/work checklists which PCA members may find useful:

Technician Guidance – Pre-work Checklist >> Pre-Survey Checklist >>


‘Stay Alert’ advice more relevant now

Boris told us to “stay alert”. Most of us probably weren’t totally sure what this really meant back in 2020, but perhaps it makes more sense now than it did when we were locked in our homes. Trying to work safely and effectively in an environment where contact with infected people is almost inevitable, is just another challenge to add to the growing list.

Thanks to Les Hill who reminded us of the need for ongoing caution. Les is now recovering from a bout of Covid, despite taking precautions and having received two doses of the vaccine. We wish Les a speedy recovery.

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