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New video proves how flood protection can throw lifeline to properties at risk

MANY homes and businesses at risk of flooding could benefit from flood protection measures to protect their properties, according to a national trade body.

Unusually heavy rainfall led to millions of pounds of flood damage across the UK towards the end of last year and there were further problems over Easter when Storm Katie struck the country.

The spectre of similar issues in the future is never far from people’s minds, but the Property Care Association (PCA) suggests there are a raft of measures which can throw a vital lifeline to thousands of people living in fear.

The trade body has now released a video demonstrating the impact of such work and says the success of a project in Oxfordshire should offer hope to those under threat.

Available to view below the film reveals how homeowners affected by catastrophic flooding in 2007 called on PCA member expertise to ensure there was no repeat of the problem.

The subsequent design and installation of a pioneering system has kept their homes dry ever since – even when properties nearby were affected again.

The PCA says the potential for flooding at any property could be minimised and is urging those at risk to seek professional advice.


 Steve Hodgson, chief executive of the PCA, said: “Flood protection can be improved in a number of ways, either by keeping water out as far as possible by introducing resistance features or reducing the impact of future floods through resilience measures.

“But there’s no off-the-shelf solution for flood protection. The introduction of effective measures for properties at risk of flooding involves looking at a property as a whole, understanding its needs and bringing together a solution that will work.

“It requires a high level of technical ability, so property owners should seek out a professional who can adapt existing technologies and practices to deliver robust and reliable protection for homes and businesses at high risk.”

The PCA has developed the Flood Protection Group – a national framework to help consumers looking to protect themselves from flooding to locate experienced, skilled, dependable specialists able to provide reliable solutions.

Mr Hodgson added: “We created the group to provide a clear and trusted route to find contractors who really understand what they’re doing and who are each verified by a trusted trade body.

“Members are professional, reliable and trustworthy tradesmen with specialist focused skills who are able to design and deliver robust and reliable solutions for high-risk properties.”

The Group works to a practical Code of Practice which provides guidelines that set the principles and standards for members of the PCA.

It recognises the need for any professional involved in the protection of buildings at risk of flood to understand the physical, financial and emotional impact on property owners and to work in partnership with insurers.

The PCA is also a member of TrustMark – the government-supported scheme to help property owners find reliable and trustworthy tradespeople to make home improvements.

More information on flood protection and flood resilience can be found via the PCA website at



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