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The 2022 Structural Waterproofing Conference review – The BEST conference YET!

After a three year absence, the 'International Structural Waterproofing Conference' returned. This was more than the PCA biggest event for a couple of years…it was the PCA’s BIGGEST single conference ever. With over 200 delegates that included attendees from Europe and as far away as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), this truly was an international waterproofing showpiece that our PCA members could be proud of! In addition to record attendance, there was a record number of exhibitors AND a recorded number of non-members who formed around 20 percent of the audience. After moving to the Slate several years ago to increase capacity, we now seem at a point where we have reached maximum capacity.

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How the conference unfolded…

Like many of our conferences in the past, the day was split into three sessions. After a short welcome from PCA CEO Steve Hodgson, the morning focused on podium decks. These notorious problematic structures are now featured in the revised BS 8102 and first up Ben Hickman of CSSW LONDON spoke about the design challenges of podium decks. Next up John Gilbert, LABC Warranty, spoke about some of their experiences including the good and the bad and the technical guidance they have introduced to help drive up standards. The session was rounded off by Simon Dobson, Buckleys who provided an incredibly interesting presentation on leak detection systems, providing guidance on types of systems, how they work and how they would be beneficial.

Moving onto ‘Water Management’…

The second session focused on “water management” and was a very broad session. The revision to BS8102 tells us that that battery back ups should be included within pumping systems. Ian Davis, PPS, was the first speaker onto the stage for this session and gave us an insight on what we should be expecting from our battery backs ups, what level of performance we should be specify etc. The second speaker of the session was Steve Wilson, EPG limited, who delved into the world of external land drainage and asked some very thought provoking questions around the guidance on discharge location provided in BS8102. Michael Vernon, Peak Waterproofing closed this session with a discussion on surface water flooding on basements. Following the heavy rainfall experienced in London last summer there were a number of basements that suffered from water ingress. Covering a huge amount of detail, Michael’s presentation got us thinking how we raise the bar in water tight basement designer even further!

The opportunity to catch up & network is finally back!

As always the day was broken up with opportunities to network and catch up with old friends and colleagues, something that has been sorely missed over the last few years. What we hoped (in part) that this conference would bring a ‘sense of community and the first opportunity in 3 years to share ideas and thoughts about the industry in order for us all to help continuously improve on the already high standards of the sector.

There was ONLY really 1 topic for the Panel Debate…

Following on with the theme of wanting these conferences to be as engaging and interactive as possible, the panel debates towards the end of the conferences have always been a good way of doing this. This year, there was only really one topic that could be the main focus of the debate and that was of course with the recent release of the revised BS 8102. So for the final session of the day, we did something a little different. After a brief presentation by yours truly to give a concise overview of some of the major changes to the BS8102 document, we followed very quickly into the extended panel debate to allow those in industry to question a panel which was comprised almost entirely of members of the 8102 review committee on the amendments. The format to this session appeared to work very well and we had great audience participation, with areas of questioning including the amendments to table 2, guidance on discharge location and design liability.

The final thoughts…

The show was brought to a close by Richard Crossley, Newton Waterproofing, who provided us with his final thoughts reflecting on the evolution of the structural waterproofing industry from some of the earliest codes of practice and how we can all change our opinion on best practice. What’s more, we got to finish the conference off in style with the return of our awards dinner. However if you missed the conference this year we are intending to be able to bring you recording of many of the sessions – so watch this space.

A final THANKS YOU to ALL that attended…

Of course, these conferences would not be the success that they are without the support and contribution from you, the PCA members. It was fantastic to FINALLY see so many of you there and your support goes to show that YOUR Association and all its members really are at the forefront, and leading the way when it comes to structural waterproofing. A BIG Thank You for your continued support. Hopefully, we see many of your again at the forthcoming ‘2022 International Property Care Conference’ in September. To view the pictures from the day, click on the button below.

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