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2015 Revised Surveyors Structural Waterproofing Training Courses

PCA announce that the 3-day Structural Waterproofing Course has undergone a content and lecturer revision for 2015. Phil Hewitt has been delivering the course since 2002, utilising a 3-day format which recognising changes to BS 8102 in the 2009 revision of the Standard. Phil Hewitt announced his retirement at the end of 2013, necessitating that the course looked for new lecturers with an opportunity to re-visit and review the content of the 3-day course.

The 2015 revised 3-day Surveyors Structural Waterproofing Course will continue to provide candidates with a thorough understanding of all forms of waterproofing in both new-build and existing structures reflecting the guidance and standards laid out in BS 8102: 2009 – Code of Practice for protection of below-ground structures against water from the ground.

This intensive course is appropriate theoretic training, for those involved in converting existing basements and also those involved in the design, planning and installation of any structural waterproofing projects below ground. It is also ideal knowledge preparation for the Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing (CSSW) exam.

Below is the revised 3-day course structure, based on the CSSW exam syllabus and relating strongly on the BS 8102 Standard.

Day Agenda of the 2015 3-day Waterproofing Training Syllabus

Day 1

Principles of Structural Waterproofing

BS8102: 2009 Code of Practice for Protection of below ground structures against water from the ground and other technical documents.
Water movement, drainage, water tables, ground conditions, soils, permeability, grading, loading and consolidation, hydrostatic pressure, capillarity, implications of water affecting structures.
Waterproofing design, forms of waterproofing, anticipated defects and methods of repair. Design philosophy – select and design the appropriate system for the conditions identified, combined systems and their limitations.
Building Construction – Materials, concrete, masonry, structural implications of any work.
Surveying and Reporting – Legal Case: Outwing v Thomas Weatherald.

Day 2

BS 8102 - Type A Systems

Products, material types, cement, mixing, quantities and their method of application, Cementitious systems, Render technology & other waterproofing systems, sheet membranes, bentonite clay membranes, liquid applied membranes, mastic asphalt and chemical grouts.
BS 8102 – Type B Systems
Material type, CONCRETE and CEMENT, hydration of cements, shrinkage, bonding, joints, structurally integral waterproofing systems. Theory of structures, understanding the effects of loads on a material, deformation, stress/strain especially bending, compressive and tensile stresses.

Day 3

BS 8102 - Type C Systems

Cavity drainage systems (internal and external), Membrane systems including fixings, fixing, lapping, sumps and pumps, floor/wall junction construction. Maintenance of Type C waterproofing systems and on-going servicing maintenance and aftercare.
Pump & Drainage control. Combined systems.
Over view of all Systems, preparation and finishes.
Surveying existing structures and preparation for installing waterproofing.
All types of finishing systems including wall and floor finishes. The role of insulation within waterproofing. Psychrometry – humidity, condensation, vapour movement and ventilation requirements
Ancillary Procedures – Maintenance of waterproofing systems and water management systems (land drains, sumps, pumps etc. Financial and practical implications of defects and repair strategies.

The two new lecturers will be:

Michael Earle of Michael Earle Associates who will cover Days 1 & 3.
Roy Jones, an Industry Concrete expert, who will cover Day 2



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