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PCA Weekly News - 18th September 2021

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Invasive plants: The Jekyll and Hyde conundrum
  • NHIC Annual Parliamentary Meeting
  • 2 weeks to go until our next webinar!
  • ITV’s report into Britain’s failing housing system…
  • Reminder: BS8102 open for comment
  • Online Training – Spaces in October!
  • Ground Gas: Design & Detail
  • HSE’s advice as we return to the workplace…

Invasive plants: The Jekyll and Hyde conundrum

Alien invasives are the thugs of the botanical world. Very much Mr Hyde; not a bit like the nice Dr Jekyll – right? Is there ever a good side to invasive weeds? It’s certainly somewhat of a conundrum that PCA’s Technical Manager Peter discusses in his latest blog….

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NHIC Annual Parliamentary Meeting

We were delighted to accept an invitation from GPI/QANW to the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) annual debate and lunch hosted by Lord Stunell at the Palace of Westminster. The theme of the meeting was the need to move to zero-carbon homes by 2035 and all the challenges and opportunities that delivering this will bring.

Several speakers described very eloquently the environmental and political imperatives, Some set out ideas on how these the objective might be met. It wasn’t until delegates began to offer comment that the considerable technical, logistical and resource issues were brought into the spotlight.

The one contributor that really made an impression was Simon Ayres, CEO of TrustMark. As the gatekeeper to the implementation of Pas 2035, his team are well-paced to comment on the progress being made in retrofit. His comments affirmed what the PCA has been saying for some time. He commented that despite the tightening standards and the frameworks to provide state aid to facilitate retrofit, quality remains a very major concern.

Taking this point alone, we feel vindicated in repeating the message to our PCA members that good retrofit must be promoted, while poor work must be identified and called out. We can anticipate an increase in dampness issues where poorly designed or installed retrofit insulation is installed. Problems may take a long time to emerge, but we can be pretty sure that they will. We urge members to consider the implications of retrofit insulation when surveying buildings that have had external or internal cavity wall insulation.


2 weeks to go until our next webinar!

Just 2 weeks to go until our next LIVE broadcast! Join us and John Naylor from GGS Ltd on Thursday 30th September (9-10am), as we delve deeper into the world of radon gas. Whether you are involved with new residential properties, or adapting/converting existing dwellings, this is a considerable problem to be aware of….

John will raise awareness and shares his advice on radon gases and the considerations we need to give for both existing and new buildings. To find out more and to register, you can click on the button below.

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ITV’s report into Britain’s failing housing system…

Last Sunday saw ITV air another damning report into the appalling conditions that tenants in one borough of London are having to live in. News stories like this are not uncommon and sadly, continue to make the headlines.

High humidity, mould growth and condensation are very real problems which PCA members are all too aware of. Moisture diagnostics are key to understanding indoor environmental moisture conditions and the Property Care Association will continue to support the industry on driving this forward.

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Reminder: BS8102 open for comment

A reminder that the review of ‘BS 8102 – Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water Ingress’ is open for public consultation and closes on 23rd October.

Anyone can look over the draft document and submit thoughts, suggestions or objections to British Standards Institute (BSI) and comments will be in the public domain. We would encourage all with an interest in waterproofing to take some time to look at what is, after all, the document that sets the rules and expectations for an entire industry.

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Online Training – Spaces in October!

The PCA’s online training offering continues to develop and grow and we’re getting closer to the launch date for our Invasive Weed course to be added to the portfolio too! For now, the current courses continue to flourish and we can share that there are a limited number of spaces left in October for:

These courses offer an alternative platform of learning and progression through each specialist sector. To find out more, get in touch with the training team on 01480 400000, or via the button below.

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Ground Gas: Design & Detail

Ground Gas: Design & Detail
Date: 19th-20th October 2021
Location: PCA Head Office, Huntingdon
Cost: Members £380 +VAT
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Over the course of this two-day training event, all aspects of ground gas contamination are explored and is aimed at Developers, Contractors, Specifiers, Verification Engineers, and those encountering ground gas issues on their projects. Giving a detailed insight into this specialist area, where multiple disciplines are brought together, this training aims to provide safe environments for the end user and compliance with planning condition discharge.

Contact the training team today on 01480 400000, or email

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HSE’s advice as we return to the workplace…

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is reinforcing the importance of good ventilation in the workplace. For PCA members and other employers, it is a legal requirement to ensure an adequate supply of fresh air (ventilation) in enclosed areas of the workplace.

For more information, you can access HSE’s updated guidance and steps you can take to improve ventilation via the button below.

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