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PCA Weekly News Round Up - 22nd March 2019

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Hodgson View: Social Media Cacophony
  • Calling All Surveyors!
  • NEW COURSE for 2019 – Invasive Plant ID
  • Midlands Regional Meeting **Members Only**
  • Warm Welcome to our Cohort 7 Apprentices
  • PCA presenting at UCL Event
  • Training & Development

Hodgson View: Social Media cacophony

Like it or loathe it, social media has become a fact of life. As we see the number of views and ‘likes’ grow from the bitesize morsels of information we post, we find ourselves asking, what does this effort to churn out content really achieve? Does it make us better informed and able to do our jobs, can it grow brand awareness and deliver better profits? Or does it flatter to deceive?

Read Steve’s thoughts on all things social media in another the ‘Hodgson View’.

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Calling All Surveyors!

Surveying Timber & Dampness in Buildings

Don’t miss out on this 3-day course providing delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, resolve and report upon problems relating to dampness and/or timber infestation/decay in buildings. The course is divided into three one day modules: Condensation & Dampness – Causes, diagnostics & treatment options; Timber Biology, Decay and Insects; Legal Aspects, Survey Methodology & Report Writing.

Get in touch today – Miss it, miss out! If you require any further details, or wish to book your place, please contact Jade on [email protected].

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NEW COURSE for 2019 – Invasive Plant ID

In response to feedback from 2018 Invasive Weed Conference, we are launching a NEW, one-day Invasive Plant Identification course which will take place in August 2019. The course will focus on the identification of live samples, ecology and habitats for each species, biosecurity and much more. Some of the plants we will be looking at are:

  • Giant Rhubarb
  • American Skunk Cabbage
  • Rhododendron
  • Giant Hogweed
  • Three Cornered Garlic
  • Montbretia
  • Bamboo
  • Cotoneasters and many more

To register your interest for the course, please contact Jade on [email protected].

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2019 Regional Meetings are Underway **Members Only**

Our Spring Regional Meetings continue and this week saw the third take place in the Midlands (Hinkley), covering an update from the PCA as well as:

  • Specifications of timbers and the implications of the building regulations from Koppers
  • An interactive session from PCA’s Steve Hodgson, looking at the challenges and changes our industry faces, including new initiatives and technologies that will shape our industry and how we adapt to embrace these changes

The two final Regional Meetings take place next week:

  • Scotland (Stirling) – 26th March
  • Northern (Manchester) – 27th March

If you wish to attend, please let James Berry know on [email protected] and we’ll save you a seat! Download the agendas for each meeting via the link below.

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Warm Welcome to our Cohort 7 Apprentices

This week we’ve welcomed Cohort 7 to the PCA as they begin their apprenticeship journey and take their first step to a career within the preservation industry.

Can you afford to miss out on the opportunity to join the next intake, taking place 12th-15th November? Be inspired and get in touch today!

For more information on our Specialist Apprenticeship Programme, or to register for the next intake, please contact Jade on 0844 375 4301 or by email – [email protected].

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PCA presenting at UCL Event

UCL invited Steve Hodgson to talk at the UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering (IEDE) Open Day on 27th March.

It is the PCA’s and UCL first major opportunity to showcase the research we are undertaking through the ongoing KTP project run by Dr Paula Lopez-Arce and will not only demonstrate our investment in research, but also our collaboration on many UKCMB and IEDE projects.

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Get ahead and kickstart your training

Basement Water Management

Developed for surveyors and technicians who are already involved in, or who wish to gain a better understanding of, the theory and practical application of pump stations and accessories relating to drainage of cavity membrane systems. This course provides delegates with a general understanding of the complete system and enables them to ask the right questions when surveying and installing this type of equipment.

Contracting and Client Relationship Workshop

This training is designed to help delegates better understand the contractual aspects of supervising or managing works on site, to avoid potential pitfalls and penalties by ensuring your company meets its obligations. A one-day workshop comprising classroom-based learning which also provides an opportunity for delegates to offer their ideas and share their experiences. Learning from fellow professional’s experiences can be a highly valuable way to put learning into context.

Contact the training team today on 0844 375 4301, email [email protected] or alternatively, click on the ‘contact us’ button below.

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