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PCA Weekly News - 3rd May 2019

In your weekly PCA update this week:

  • Biocides Register Boasts Impressive Numbers!
  • Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship
  • Barrier (Type A) Waterproofing – Key Considerations
  • Sava Warning to Think Twice About Giving Free Advice
  • Skilled Contractors for the Retrofit Revolution
  • Step into Spring with Some Training
  • Need More PCA Vehicle Stickers?

Biocides Register Boasts Impressive Numbers!

In July of last year, the PCA began to develop a new initiative triggered by the growing realisation that technicians employed by preservation companies, were using timber protection chemicals labelled for “professional use”, without any form of accreditation.

Following the launch of the Safe use of Biocides course and subsequent ‘Professional Users of Biocides’ register, we’re delighted to share with members that take up has been impressive – over 250 people are now listed on the register of accredited professionals!

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Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship

Enquiries are coming in thick and fast for the first Structural Waterproofing Apprenticeship cohort: 15th – 18th October 2019! To avoid missing the chance to get booked on, get it touch today…. The full set of dates for the programme are listed below:

  • 15th – 18th October 2019
  • 9th – 13th December 2019
  • 17th – 20th March 2020
  • April – August 2020 (Visits to Manufacturers)
  • 16th – 17th September 2020

We are establishing a career path for the waterproofing industry, but we can’t do this without you…so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with [email protected] today!

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Barrier (Type A) Waterproofing – Key Considerations

If you go by social media alone, you would be forgiven for thinking there is only one form of waterproofing! But as we all know (I hope!), BS 8102 sets out three types of waterproofing protection and this article from James Berry, PCA’s Technical Manager, focuses on some of the key considerations based on the PCA’s Best Practice Guidance – Type A Waterproofing Systems.

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Sava Warning to Think Twice About Giving Free Advice!

Handy advice from Sava in their recent newsletter warning professionals to be mindful when giving advice! The case study in question involved an architect who gave her former friends ‘free advice’ without a formal contract, was taken to court last year. Although the claim for negligence was dismissed, the judge did rule that she had a duty of care even though there was no contract and she did not receive any payment.

This is a useful case and a salutary reminder for any professional or someone with a ‘special skill’ that giving advice could be construed as providing a service and therefore a duty of care is owed.

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Skilled Contractors for the Retrofit Revolution

The noise about the need to reduce our carbon foot print has never been higher and earlier this week, an interesting segment on Radio 4 discussed how retrofit insulation is a fundamental part of how this can be achieved.

It’s estimated that 20 million homes in the UK need improvement and sums up the huge scale of the task. Unless we are careful, it will be all to easy to achieve this by cutting corners and this is when issues such as dampness occur!

This programme talks about the need for skilled contractors to install these measures, but likewise there needs to be skilled contractors that know how to deal with the problems when they arise. It’s certainly food for thought…

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Step into Spring with some training

Expert Report Writing

This workshop is of benefit to anyone who has, or may need to in the future, act as an expert witness and prepare reports. Whatever your level of experience, you will learn how to write high-quality expert reports and present evidence that will withstand the challenge of cross-examination in court – an excellent foundation for professionals seeking to develop their skills as expert witnesses.

Surveying Timber & Dampness in Buildings

Ideal for those already involved or who wish to become involved in the surveying of timber infestation/decay and dampness in buildings. The course provides delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, resolve and report upon problems relating to dampness and/or timber infestation/decay in buildings.

PCA Qualified Technician (PCAQT) – Structural Waterproofing

Of benefit for those who have started working in the structural waterproofing industry and have received basic training from their employer/gained some technical or practical experience in a related environment. Candidates who successfully pass the assessment will be entitled to refer to themselves as ‘PCA Qualified Technicians (PCAQTSW)’.

Contact the training team today on 01480 400000 or email [email protected].

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Need More PCA Vehicle Stickers?

Please be reminded that we have a stock of vehicle stickers available for all members. We have two options available:

  • White vehicles: Full colour on white background
  • Others: Clear version for non-white backgrounds

If you require any of these stickers, which are free of charge, please contact the PCA office for more information.

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