PCA unveils Ground Gas Protection Group

In response to a growing demand from within the Property Care Association (PCA), we are now delighted to announce the creation of a distinct section of membership for industry leading specialists who deliver ground gas protection solutions.

With lessons learned from the hugely successful initiatives that have resulted in the PCA being regarded as the authoritative voice of structural waterproofing, this has led the PCA working together with leading experts to bring the same values and processes to the ground gas protection industry.

Welcome to our NEW ‘Trail Blazing’ Ground Gas Members

Membership criteria has now been published and a number of ‘trail blazing’ ground gas verification and installation companies as well as product suppliers have already joined the ranks of the PCA ground gas membership. This now delivers a means of finding vetted and approved experts that can be accessed by anyone looking for a ground gas specialist to help with any project.

Companies that appear in the PCA search facility have not only had to demonstrate their ability to provide high quality services and products, but have also demonstrated competence, commitment to training and staff development, experience and compliance, and of course…safety rules!

NEW 2 day ground gas training course coming soon

In the coming weeks a new two day ground gas training course will be delivered for the first time! This new and comprehensive educational event has been developed to complement the one day practical course that PCA has been delivering for some time.

Information, guidance and online resources for building professionals have been published and are available on the PCA website. These are aimed at providing some basic ‘must have knowledge’ to those who need to understand just a little about the importance of getting ground gas protection measure right first time!

Ground gas code of practice on its way

Work on an industry generated Code of Practice is well underway. This will complement existing British and CIRIA standards and will be adopted in combination with the codes of ethics and professional standards that every member of the PCA agrees to bound to.

The PCA Ground Gas Protection Group is now up and running to support professionals that want to connect with the most skilled, and professional ground gas protection specialists in the UK today.

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