Our BMI moisture diagnostic tool has been developed by UCL and PCA and provided by Maple R&D Ltd, which is part of PCA.

This cutting-edge system offers analysis & diagnosis of condensation & mould issues. It enables the objective quantification of atmospheric and surface moisture levels.

By monitoring, processing, assessing and reporting environmental data the BMI system provides a quick, accurate and impartial assessment whilst quantifying the severity of the moisture imbalance causing condensation and mould within properties.

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A diagnostic & reporting tool like no other…

Our ground-breaking Building Moisture Index (BMI) Reporting Technology is an innovative diagnostic & reporting system LIKE NO OTHER in the market and will empower surveyors to:

  • Monitor, Identify and quantify condensation damp and mould problems
  • Help your clients rectify the moisture imbalance within a home or building
  • To evaluate better solutions and repairs (assessment before and after)
  • Help resolve disputes with landlords/tenants by removing the subjective

What does the BMI technology do & how will it help you?

The BMI technology is a novel diagnostic method integrated in a computer program (or software) that processes and assesses environmental data, and reports the factors causing moisture imbalance leading to risk of condensation and mould in a property. This program, together with a unique protocol to install a number of data loggers/sensors which gather the data, completes the BMI system.

How the technology helps you

Recording and evaluating moisture issues with our BMI technology will help both PCA members and building professionals to easily understand and objectively quantify the severity of moisture imbalance and the causal factors leading to condensation and mould in a property.

This NEW technology will complement your building survey and will help to reduce disrepair claims. Recorded in real time, the data is evident clear – it will save you time and money avoiding hassle of data processing, giving an objective interpretation, and reporting results while empowering you to provide a better service to your clients.

The end result is a highly technical atmospheric and surface moisture evaluation report, put right into the hands of all surveyors inferring the indoor air living conditions of the occupants and the surface thermal characteristics of the problematic areas within building. For the first time this is technology that can objectively identify conditions which leads to moisture imbalance, condensation damp and mould within a building/home improving the living conditions and customer satisfaction.

What the BMI technology gives you?

Using data loggers/sensors which measure the internal and external environmental conditions, temperature and relative humidity, the BMI technology will tell the user why the excess moisture issue has become a problem within a building/home that is clear clearly and understandable for all.

The BMI program creates diagnostic reports by processing the environmental data gathered by the loggers. This technical report consists of several sections which include a description of the BMI method, photos and plans together with details and comments about the property (provided by the surveyor). A summary of results on the moisture diagnostic assessment includes the BMI scores indicating the severity of moisture imbalance and the causal factors leading to condensation and mould.

To see one of the reports generated by this inovative technology, simply click below:


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Why the technology benefits surveyors like YOU!

By evaluating the indoor environment, this technology eliminates all conjecture with an impartial scientific and technical diagnosis. The report provides an unarguable and impartial diagnosis, which for many will help enormously when disputes arise.

This technology allows building professionals to:

  • Offer analysis & diagnosis of condensation and mould issues
  • Identify factors causing moisture imbalance to risk of surface condensation and mould growth
  • Find and assess remedial solutions
  • Provide a report with causes and remedies identified, with direction for next steps
  • Use data collected and recommendations given for disputes / evidential purposes within a court of law

Delivering so much for very little cost!

At present, we are ONLY offering the BMI monitoring kits for hire due to a shortage of electronic components. However, we do intend to offer the equipment for sale when parts become more freely available.

You can hire a BMI monitoring kit for three weeks with the necessary basic set of data loggers, accessories, and instructions. This also INCLUDES the provision of a BMI diagnostic report per property. After two weeks minimum monitoring period, you simply return the loggers back with the data, or if you have your own data loggers, simply extract the data from the loggers and email it over to us. The costs for hire are as follows|:

  • For PCA members with own loggers:

    Cost per basic kit: £65.00

  • For PCA members with No loggers:

    Cost per basic kit: £90.00

  • Non-PCA members:

    Cost per basic kit: £175.00

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Short training course to help you?

For those that are interested, there is online training available with several modules on the description of components, explanation of the system, interpretation of report results, testing and certificatation. Cost for the online training is as follows:

  • For PCA members:
    Cost per online subscription: 10.00 £
  • Non-PCA members:
    Cost per online subscription: 25.00 £

Want more detail – view the 30min video

Whilst you may be familiar with data loggers and environmental monitoring, you may still be unsure just how this works. If you are interested in knowing a lot more, our Head of Research, Dr Paula Lopez-Arce, walks you through the process in the video below, providing more detailed information on understanding the factors which cause moisture imbalance.

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For the time being, we do have to emphasis that this NEW technology is exclusively for PCA members.

If you are PCA member and you would like to know more about the possibility of using the ‘Building Moisture Index Technology’, simply give us a call on 01480 400 000 or complete our online enquiry form below.

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