Webinar: Controlling Ground Gases & Water – How to get Synergy

How do we tackle both structural/below ground waterproofing and ground gas issues in an effective and safe way? What conflicts exist between British Standard documents BS 8102 & BS 8485, and how do we best balance these conflicts in order to come up with an appropriate solution for our clients and customers?

Click on the video below and watch Patrick Flood from Juta UK as he raises awareness and shares his advice on how we get synergy when trying to control both ground gases and water penetration.


What you will learn from the webinar

  • What are the combined risk assessment considerations when evaluating both ground gas and waterproofing issues within a project?
  • What protective measures and options can/should you consider?
  • Enhanced awareness of guidance, best practice and where you can access this information and advice
  • Focusing on the conflict between British Standards

Benefits – Why YOU should watch the webinar

  • Benefit from how you might be able to reduce your contractual liability
  • Guidance on how you can better advise clients/tenants on combined ground gas and waterproofing issues
  • Up-to-date knowledge on how to tackle combined ground gas and waterproofing
  • Best practice guidance on how to resolve issues
  • Straightforward online learning while sitting at your desk
  • Benefit from gaining 2 CPD points

About the presenter – Patrick Flood

As a member of a number of UK trade associations and technical committees, Patrick sits on numerous working groups for British and European standards development with a particular focus on ground gas, and waterproofing protection to structures incorporating geosynthetics.

Patrick has built up extensive knowledge in the field of geosynthetics and how to provide practical solutions towards waterproofing and ground gas risks in the built environment. With expertise in research, design, site investigations and years of practical experience in geotechnical engineering within many fields of civil engineering construction, buildings, substructures, brownfield sites and many other types of developments within the UK, Europe and around the World.

As a regular presenter to many professional groups on the geotechnical aspects of inclusion and sustainability of geosynthetics into design, Patrick continues to work closely with many high profile agencies including the Environment Agency for brownfield development and containment engineering.

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