CPD Video: How invasive weeds can impact the urban environment

What impact do invasive weeds have on the environment, our homes and buildings? Not everything in our gardens is benign – even something recommended by nurseries and gardening experts can cause significant problems that can prove expensive and stressful to resolve!

To find out the answers and to learn much more, click to view the video below and watch PCA Invasive Group Member Jim Glaister as we separate the myths from the reality of invasive weeds, and how to head off future problems before they become insurmountable.


What you will learn from the webinar

  • How does a plant go from benign to an urban menace?
  • The impact invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed, Buddleia, Field Horsetail, Giant Hogweed and Bamboo can cause
  • The stigma of invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed
  • Separating myth from reality – are particular plants as good, or as bad, as they are made out to be?
  • Planning for the future – can we learn from past mistakes?

Benefits – Why YOU should watch the webinar

  • Benefit from gaining 1 BASIS & 2 PCA CPD points – for PCA members only
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how invasive weeds impact the environment
  • Learn about the many species which negatively impact the urban environment
  • Develop your understanding of how all garden escapees, fly-tipping etc can have a detrimental impact on the environment – leading to neighbour disputes and the stress of legal action etc
  • The importance of raising awareness – not everything we plant should be in an urban garden
  • Straightforward online learning while sitting at your desk

What people thought of the webinar

About the presenter – Jim Glaister

Jim Glaister has been working in the invasive weeds sector since 2004 and for The Knotweed Company since 2013. He has presented on invasive weed issues to RICS, local councils, environmental consultants and at PCA annual conferences. Since 2009 he has been a contributor to the RICS online information portal ‘isurv’. He was one of the first candidates to sit the PCA Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed (CSJK) course in 2013 and earned a distinction when sitting the exam the following year. He has been on the roster of examiners and markers for the CSJK exam since 2015 and is a member of both the PCA Education and PCA Invasive Weeds Conference committees.

He has also recently co-written a book on bamboo management, “Invasive Bamboos; their impact and management in Great Britain and Ireland”, which covers an increasingly important and potentially complex area of invasive weed management.

Additional Information

For those looking to find out more about invasive Weeds, click on the button below to view the PCA’s Invasive Weed Library where you will find a variety of Technical Guidance documents and Codes of Practice

In addition, you find further guidance within our homeowner and professional sections of our website and if you are interested, we also have a variety of professional training and qualifications for the invasive weed sector too.

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The PCA’s ongoing drive for best practice

Ongoing professional development is a key remit of the Property Care Association to drive forward best practice in the specialised invasive weed industry.

Working with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) – supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and The Building Societies Association, the Property Care Association set up the Invasive Weed Control Group in back in 2012 with it still going strong today.

Over the years, the group has provided the guidance and expertise to all who manage invasive weeds offering high levels of technical knowledge and practical skill. To find out more, click to view the video

Find an Invasive weed Specialist

The PCA understands that having confidence in your Invasive Weed contractor is absolutely essential. That is why we have created a database of registered members who are industry leading and qualified invasive weed specialists. Get in touch with a qualified specialist near you using our search box below.

Our ‘on-demand’ webinar library

We now have quite an extensive library of previous webinars ‘on-demand‘ for anyone interested in developing their knowledge and understanding on a variety of subjects such as damp, structural waterproofing, invasive weed control, ground gas and many more!

Simply get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit and click on the button below to view the library and watch any of our previous CPD webinars.

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Other related Information

As the Trade Association for the industry, the Property Care Association offers a variety of webinars, tools and training courses to help you with your professional development. Take a look at some of the options below.

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