Risks of being an Expert Witness

Believe it or not, being an independent expert witness is not easy! For those that have experienced it for themselves, you will be well aware of the many difficulties involved up to the court date, not to mention the challenging cross examinations on the day that can rip a person’s reputation apart! However, with an increasing appetite for litigation from homeowners, many within the surveying and managing property sector may just find themselves in the crosshairs.

If you are contacted to be an independent expert witness, are YOU actually right for the job? Are you actually aware of the risks to YOUR reputation that might mean you may turn out to be the court jester!?

Click on the video below and watch Dr Paul Beckett as he shares his advice and tips about being an expert witness and the risks that you need to consider


What you will learn from the webinar

  • What exactly is the role of an expert witness?
  • What qualifies someone to be an expert witness?
  • What is the process of presenting evidence and providing an expert opinion?
  • What can possibly go wrong when in court?

Benefits – Why YOU should watch the webinar

  • Find out if being an expert witness is right for you
  • Find out about sources of guidance and how you can be a better independent witness
  • Learn what not to do and what can potentially erode your reputation as an expert witness
  • Learn from expert witness case law examples
  • Titbits of help & advice from personal experience
  • Straightforward online learning while sitting at your desk

About the presenter – Dr Paul Beckett

Dr Paul Beckett is a director and co-founder of Phlorum, a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy that serves a range of professionals in the land use planning and construction sectors.

With an academic background in plant ecophysiology and a wealth of experience working with well know institutions and organisations such as the RICS, Paul is regularly appointed as an expert witness – including many cases reported in the press – and is uniquely experienced to offer guidance and insight into the risks posed to surveyors.

From Paul’s experience dealing with a lot of invasive weed cases, he has seen how settlements and judgements from these are feeding a growing appetite for litigation, with almost anyone involved in surveying and managing property finding themselves in the crosshairs. It has therefore never been more important for surveyors to understand the risks they are exposed to and how they can better protect themselves from litigation.

Its FREE professional development for YOU!

At the Property Care Association, we are well aware that many of our PCA members and other professionals within the surveying and property sector are asked on occasion about being an independent expert witness.  It can be a very daunting prospect to many, especially if you have never been in the position before.

For all those that have possibly considered it in the past, or for those considering taking up independent expert witness opportunities, click on the webinar video above and improve your knowledge and understanding as to what to expect and the risks that come from being a ‘voice of authority’ within the court room.

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Training and ongoing professional development is a key remit of the Property Care Association. For those interested in the specialist world of being an expert witness, for PCA Members only, there are training courses available to enhance and expand their knowledge. To find out more, why not click to visit the two courses below:

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  • Will help prepare you for trial if you go down the path of becoming an expert witness
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