Protect your home against flooding this winter

Flooding impacts far too many homes across the UK, and it has a catastrophic impact on householders, whose whole quality of life is affected.

More often than not, when it comes to flood protection, it is only something we start to consider if we, or people close to us, are affected by floods. It is at this point many of us realise the long journey ahead to getting back to some sort of normality after a flood has occurred. But what can you do to protect yourself against flooding?

See our tips below on how we can help protect you against flooding this winter…

Flood protection

Fit flood protection guards to doors or replace your doors completely with a flood-resistant alternative.

Replace airbricks

Replace standard airbricks with ‘self-closing’ alternatives.

Prevent sewage

We would suggest fitting a ‘non-return valve’ to prevent sewage from going into your home.

Check your brickwork

Check that your brickwork is in good condition and paint it with a water-resistant solution.

Evacuate incoming water

Fit a pump to evacuate water from coming beneath your home.

Replace gypsum plaster

Replace standard gypsum plaster with one of the alternative types that do not absorb or retain water.

Use ceramic or stone tiles

Use ceramic or stone tiles with waterproof adhesive and grout.

Move electric sockets

Put your electric sockets higher up your wall – with the cabling coming down from the ceiling, rather than the standard layout.

Remove water

Purchase a pump or ‘puddle sucker’ to remove water rapidly after flooding.

Modify your kitchen

Modify your kitchen with one that can be cleaned, dried and reused, such as one made of marine or ply steel.

Check if you’re at risk

Finally, for those that are unsure of the risk of flooding to them, check if you’re at risk by clicking on the appropriate country link from the following, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

For those who have invested in flood protection…

We urge householders who have already invested in flood protection measures to inspect, clean and service their flood protection equipment.

Simple measures such as checking and repairing seals and gaskets, ensuring you know the location of any fixings and tools, lubricating mechanism and moving parts and making sure you can access stored flood barriers easily and quickly can save lots of time stress and prevent damage.

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