Protecting your team at work

We all have an obligation and a very real duty of care to our team right now. With schools having re-opened and many of our members and their staff returning to their place of work, we want to reinforce the message to all our PCA members to remain vigilant in keeping everyone safe and assured that they are working in a Covid-safe environment.

The responsibility to protect colleagues, our members and our families is hugely important to your Association. We understand it may feel like another weight placed on many of our members’ shoulders, but it does not need to be a difficult process to help protect and keep your staff safe.

What can you do to protect your business?

In short, consider testing! Whilst here at the PCA we have ensured our training facilities and offices are Covid-safe spaces for anyone entering, working, and visiting the building (s), we are also supporting the PCA team with twice-weekly Rapid Lateral Flow Device testing – and we can confirm it really is straightforward process.

Why testing is important and beneficial?

The aim of the Government’s Lateral flow device (LFD) testing is to help break the cycle of transmission by finding positive cases earlier. The lateral flow tests are:

  • Free
  • Easy to use, and
  • Give results in 30 minutes

It goes without saying that a test which rapidly detects hidden cases should be adopted by as many of us as possible – this is a valuable tool for us all to use in tackling the virus and reducing the spread.

How does the test work?

Find your local testing site

Members can support their team (s) by encouraging twice-weekly testing at sites closes to you. To find out where you can access your nearest test centre, click on the button below:

Find your Local Test Site >>

Home lateral flow testing kits

For those members who live in households with nursery, primary and secondary-age children, you can obtain rapid flow testing kits for collection/home delivery via the National Booking System:

Access Rapid Test Kits >>

If anyone has a positive test, you must immediately self-isolate to avoid passing the virus on to others.

Help reduce the Spread of Covid-19

As we start to see the beginnings of ‘some kind of normal’ returning, we all must to continue to play our part in reducing the spread of Coronavirus. We are here to help and support our members and for further information and guidance on Lateral Flow Testing, you can visit the Government website:

Additional Guidance & Information >>

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