The Reality of a Post Covid World

As we emerge, one stage at a time from the constrictions applied to us, should we take a moment to think about the brave new world that awaits?

Amongst the prophetic speculation, it seems we have two conflicting schools of thought that are both likely to be inaccurate. The first is that Covid will lead to a recession or even depression, with mass unemployment, high taxation and little by way of opportunity. The other is quite the opposite. High levels of stimulus from central Government sparking innovation and rapid economic growth.

Perhaps more credible is something like a middle way. A new world (that looks a bit like the old one) where opportunities will present themselves for some who will make it big, while others will lose out as the UK settles into the post-pandemic world outside the European Union.

What we do know is that even before the pandemic crippled normal life, things were changing, and changing rapidly. The way people interact, buy things, receive information and communicate is changing. The value propositions that consumers adopt, the influence of the multimedia world as well as a need to embrace sustainability, were all very real before someone ate that bowl of bat soup.

Keeping members on the most advantageous heading

Members may feel very remote from the tectonic shifts that influence world economies, but we are not separated from the effects of Government policy and international economics. This is why we believe your Trade Association has a responsibility to consider some of these issues on your behalf. Then if appropriate, we should apply pressure to the PCA’s rudder to keep it and our members on the right and most advantageous heading.

To that end, we think further rapid change to the way we all operate is inevitable. The way people work, live, learn and make purchasing decisions will all continue to evolve. It is imperative then that we go with the flow, rather than stand still and expect everything will be fine. If we do nothing, we will become irrelevant and we will disappear.

Your Association is well set to meet the challenges ahead

Over the next year or so with the support of your Board, members will see evidence of this continued adaption and modernisation. Investments are being made in technology, our online presence, client management systems and online learning. All things that will help thrive and realise our opportunities, as we all discover our “new normal”.

These investments are possible because we have both the means and the presence to afford and affect these changes. Good governance, prudent financial decision making and effective service delivery means over many years, that the PCA is well set to meet the challenges of the post-pandemic world. Our goal in meeting these challenges is to ensure members continue to prosper and see a tangible return on their investment in the Association.

Growing your markets in a way that delivers a dividend to those who demonstrate a willingness to invest in themselves, and who do the job right, must remain at the core of what the PCA does now and in the years to come.

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