Meet the Apprenticeship Trainer

The apprenticeship is headed up by Neil Marsden.

Neil is the lead trainer for the apprenticeship programme. This is a role which Neil relished the chance to take on and use his considerable experience to develop the next generation for the future of the industry. Neil started his own career with an apprenticeship as a brick layer. This led him to carry on his professional development at college and then night classes to achieve an HND in Building Technology with distinction.

Here’s what Neil says about the apprenticeship:
“In my opinion, this apprenticeship is something that the industry has been screaming out for, for many years.Having run my own preservation business for over 30 years, I fully appreciate how difficult it can be to recruit  suitable technicians with the required skills. The truth is many technicians have very little or no technical knowledge and a very limited skills base. They simply follow instruction and learn as they go.I believe the apprenticeship scheme is a total game changer.”