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Safe Use of Biocides for Professional Users

Demonstrate to customers, clients and employers your expertise in the use of biocides by taking our safe use of biocides for professional user’s online course. 

Over the past few years, the use of biocides has seen restrictions that have affected the availability of timber protection chemicals. To counter this and demonstrate a candidates’ experience and skill in the correct, safe and effective use of biocides; the PCA has developed a  Professional Users of Biocides Register that you will automatically be added onto following completion of the online course, together with passing the short assessment.

To get your operatives qualified and on the approved biocide register, or to find out more about the safe use of biocides course contact us on 01480 400000 or through our online enquiry form. To secure your place on this course click the book now button.

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Who is the safe use of biocides training for?

This course is designed for technicians, tradesmen or anyone that works with and uses biocides on a regular basis.

Being able to prove your credentials in the safe use of biocides enables you to put the public’s mind at ease and will provide you with the skills and confidence to carry out timber treatments to the highest industry standard.

Structure of the safe use of biocides course

This online course is delivered through a mixture on pre-recorded videos and live online sessions with our trainer. The course will end on an assessment opportunity for the candidate, should they complete and achieve a pass mark they will be added to the ‘Professional Users of Biocides Register’ and receive a certificate for this certification.

The course is broken down into 7 elements:

  • Introduction to Biocides
  • Biocide Products
  • Wood Decay Fungi and Wood boring insects
  • Best Practice Application methods
  • Environmental Controls
  • Risk Assessments
  • Recap & Review – Discussion

Benefits of the biocide training course

  • Recognition for the knowledge of your technicians
  • Accreditation issued for safe use of biocides
  • Included on an independent Professional Users of Biocides Register
  • Guarantees a risk-free learning environment for your employees
  • Confidence for suppliers and clients with employee knowledge

Contact us about the course 

To find out more about our Safe Use of Biocides training course or to simply ask a few questions, feel free to contact our training team by calling 01480 400 000 or send us your enquiry by completing our online contact form below.

Alternatively, if you want to book your place now, click to visit our booking page and online booking form

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