Certificated Surveyor in Japanese knotweed (CSJK)

The examination consists of:

  • 2.5 hour written paper
  • 20 minute identification examination
  • 20 minute oral examination

Timings for the ID and oral examinations are normally given to individuals on the day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We expect all candidates to possess good general knowledge regarding Health & Safety legislation as this is not covered within the two-day Control & Eradication of Japanese Knotweed training course.


Examination Preparation

An examination preparation course is available and is particularly useful for those candidates who have not recently sat an exam, to help them practice exam techniques by working through some past papers with a tutor. It also provides a valuable opportunity for candidates to clarify any areas where they may be unsure prior to sitting the formal examination.

More information: CSJK Examination Preparation Course


Course Syllabus

Click here to download the CSJK Syllabus.

Click here to download the CSJK reading list.


CSJK Examination Dates

MonthCSJK Examination Dates
January 2021Thurs 7th **CANCELLED**
March 2021Tues 9th **FULL**
April 2021 Thurs 22nd **FULL**
May 2021 Wed 12th **FULL**
July 2021 Thurs 8th**FULL**
November 2021 Tues 16th
Examination Fees

Fees for PCA Members
£205 + VAT CSJK Examinations

Fees for non PCA Members
£245 + VAT CSJK Examinations

Please note that there are a limited number of places on each set of examinations and places can only be reserved with full payment.  Please check back here for additional dates as they are announced.

Click below to download a Booking Form or contact Jo or Jade on tel. 0844 375 4301.

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Note for PCA members:  All candidates successfully attaining CSJK status who work for a PCA member company will receive a ‘Qualified Surveyor’ card along with their certificate. In order to receive a card, candidates will need to supply a current photograph at the time of booking a place on the examination.